Kubota F2560

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by wallyturcotte, May 20, 2008.

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    does anyone own.... or have owned a 2260 2560 or 3060 f series kubota ? i found a good deal on one with low hours. im wondering what would be better for res mowing a ztr or a front mount.... a guy that i worked for before i went on my own said he would take his F2272 any day over his zd331. i know they will cut any hill because of the 4wd... they are good for about 2.6 acres per hour... what do u think?
  2. Houstonguy

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    I have used the kubota f-series when I used to mow for the county. we mostly mowed esplanades and steep hillsides with them. I personally was amazed with them. That deisel engine is something else. Once, our crew cab f250 got stuck in the mud and we pulled it out with the kubota oh yeah and we had a 14 ft trailer attached. The thing I liked about it more then the ztr is that you can get closer to things, kind of like reaching for them with the deck in front. There were alot more places we could mow with that then a ztr. For example a pole 3 feet from the curb, after you get good with it you can reach around the pole with the deck without ever having to get on the street. and that thing can climb up and down curbs with ease and not have to worry about the deck hitting. all I know is we had alot more weedeating to do after we mowed with the ztr.

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