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Discussion in 'Tractors' started by Pecker, Apr 20, 2005.

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    Hi. I have found a Kubota G 6200 HST hydro lawn tractor. Can anyone tell me anything about it (approx. year, attachments available, etc.). The guy says its a deisel. What I'm wondering is can this unit run a loader. What type of attachments can it run? Thanks.

    Also, he's asking $950 and says it runs great, only needs blades. Is that a fair prices for this thing? What would it have cost new in its day?
  2. JFCizek II

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    I had owned a 1987 Kubota G 6200 lawn and garden tractor. They were made from 83 thru 92 or 93 , I am not sure of when they changed their models. The only attachments that I remember is, front plow,snowblower,power broom, tracvac,and rototiller. If I remember that I paid $6485 with a 48'' deck , tracvac/bagger and a front mount blade. I used my G6200 from 1987 thru 1992 putting on about 2800hrs when I traded it for a B1550 HST 4wd with a 54" deck. The only problem that I had was the very back of the frame at the tranaxle mount to the frame started to chack. I hope I was somewhat helpful. I don't think that there was a loader made for this tractor .

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