kubota l2250 back from shop questions

Discussion in 'Tractors' started by italianstallion69, Jun 1, 2013.

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    I bought a kubota l2250 in winter and its just now coming back from mechanic.

    the FEL was totally rebuilt with 4 new cylinders, it originally had 1.75" bore and I had him go with 2" new cylinders.

    The original breakout force was 1653#

    I want to be able to curl ( if not lift) pallets of sod to move around sites.

    hydraulic cylinder app gives me #s
    - 1.75" pistons force 3685#
    -2" pistons force 5359#

    if 3685#x 2 gave me 1653 then 5359x2 should give me 2403#?

    Does this sound right?

    Also adding rear remotes, does anyone know which is the supply and return on the loader valve? to T into to run rear remotes for a hydraulic angle on a harley rake?
  2. F4rm3rj03

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    I too own a L2250. While it has proven itself as a near bulletproof tractor I am concerned over your desire to lift a pallet of sod with it. Attached is a photo of a stone I moved with the L2250 when our skid steer was in use grading. This stone is less than a thousand pounds. A pallet of sod seems to weigh close to three thousand or more. I don't think the front wheels and tires could take such weight along with the front axle and steering would be working extra hard.

    Regarding the rear remote: supply, pressurized lines are usually of a smaller diameter compared to the return lines.
    If you haven't already 'T'ed I recommend purchasing a couple books on hydraulics from John Deere. Their FOS books are amazing and liberating. http://www.deere.com/wps/dcom/en_US.../product_support/publications/publishing.page

  3. italianstallion69

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    nice looking l2250! mine is way rougher looking needed tons of work but now its so handy.

    how big of a york rake do you pull with it? 7'? My operator has to get really close to buildings grading out topsoil i figure with a wider than tire rake he has more clearance.

    Havent tried sod yet, as i dont have skid fork to tractor adapter, but it may be ambitious. last time we used skid steer to move sod we left ruts everywhere, I may need a 55-65 hp tractor to move sod.

    Loving the kubota so far though! 4th gear hi, enough said!
  4. F4rm3rj03

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    My L2250 has never had a rake attached to it.

    I didn't have an adaptor either. Just the straps I used to haul the tractor on the trailer with. Not safe :hammerhead: considering one of those straps were not the hook type and could of easily slipped off but it got the last stone moved when the skid steer loader was busy spreading & grading delivered dirt with thunder roaring and rain near. :cool2:

    You mentioned needing a 55-65hp tractor to move sod: I'm not sure that power range will lift 3,000 lbs but a skid loader purchase should be considered. That said, I have an idea to remove the need for a skid loader or larger tractor capable of lifting the full pallet. The basic idea is a set of forks with four forks instead of two. Spears may do the trick too in sufficient number and spacing. The lighter tractor would use such a fork and just stab into the sod stack removing an amount of sod the tractor can handle. A skilled and patient operator should be able to minimize the sod destruction to maybe two-four pieces per stab. Compare the cost of those destroyed sod pieces relative to a larger tractor cost. Sufficient backing of stack or thinner forks/spears may be needed to prevent pushing the sod instead of penetrating the stack. A simple foldout stand could easily be created that would utilize the bump rail or stake mounts on trailer/truck to provide backing. Maybe later I will build such a contraption and experiment. Could mean more money in our pockets and less money sent to big business.
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    One problem you will also see . You will blow out front axle seals very easily on the smaller Kubota tractors when you over load them . It was a common problem on the older tractors as well as the new ones

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