Kubota L3400HST whines real loud!

Discussion in 'Tractors' started by danmc, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. danmc

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    We just got a Kubota L3400HST last week. I put 10 hours on it - mostly mowing and pulling our manure spreader. Anyways, I'm pleased with it so far but I noticed that the hydraulic whine is very loud - too the point where it gets annoying, it whines even louder in 4WD. Is this common for Kubota HST's?

  2. lawn king

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    All hydrostats whine to some degree. We had a kubota B7500 (21 HP) it whined a lot but it ran great and worked like a dog. We now have a B3030 HSDC it whines a lot in high range but very little in low or mid.
  3. muddstopper

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    I cant say much about a machine I dont know anything about, but..... If the whine seems to be excessive, (and even if it wasnt) I would certainly check the trans fluid levels. Some tractors hydraulics are ran off of the same oil that is in the tranny. If fluid levels are low you could incurr some extensive damage to the hydraulic pump/s. Just tbecause the machine is new doesnt mean all the fluids are at the correct levels.
  4. Planet Landscaping

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    THAT tractor runs KUBOTA "super hst" ONLY in everything.Check level. Load whine is NOT the norm. Call dealer ASAP (Gears will whine in 4wd on the road):waving:

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