Kubota pulley removal

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    I have a Kubota gf 1800 front deck mower. I have removed the deck to be sandblasted and painted. The deck removal and restoration is not new to me as I usually do one a of my mowers each year. However, the left and right pulleys above the spindles will no come off. I've done this many many times on a Scag and a Great Dane for years with little or no trouble. I have the nut, washer, and lock washer off the top. There is a key way holding the pulley to the shaft so that it spins with the spindle. The dealer tells me that the pulley should slide right off. Yea, right! I have sprayed it with PB Blaster. No luck. I sprayed it again and am letting it sit overnight. If that doesn't work, I guess I'll put a wheel puller on it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.:confused:
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    Well after 65 people viewed this thread and no response, I figure I'd share my results. I got lucky and the wheel puller did the trick.:rolleyes:
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    See! I told ya.........

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