Kubota T1770 with Kohler Command Engine Problem - HELP!

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by sellyourtractor, Apr 11, 2010.

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    I am brand new to the forum and I am hoping that there are some experts here that can possibly help me with a Kohler engine issue.

    I have a 2006 Kubota T1770A model tractor with a 17 HP Kohler Command vertical shaft engine model CV17S. When I first purchased this tractor, I started having problems around 10 hours when it began producing heavy white smoke upon startup. I mentioned this to the dealer and they recommended I check the air cleaner. The air cleaner was fine and ever since reassembly I did not have the issue.

    The next time I mowed, the tractor smoked at startup and then began smoking as soon as I hit an incline in the yard. The dealer recommended I check the oil level because it might be too full. After checking the oil level, it was fine. I had the dealer pick up this unit and they informed me the engine needed a valve job because it was experiencing blowby (I am not really sure what this means). Anyway, they completed a valve job around 20 hours and the tractor worked fine for the 3rd summer I owned it.

    This spring, I decided to get the tractor ready and low and behold the tractor is producing large clouds of white/gray smoke upon startup that do not go away. The engine will not run on full idle and upon moving the throttle to full idle, the engine dies. Keep in mind that the tractor only has 45 hours on it to date!

    So, I took the unit back to the dealer and it has been there now for several weeks. I am told that it is simply the breather hose, however I do not understand how a crack or hole in the hose can cause these issues. I tend to think it is more severe.

    At this point, I am wishing I would not have purchased a Kubota tractor. I understand that Kubota did not manufacture this engine, but I am very disappointed in the quality. I understand that anyone can have a problem with anything.

    I need the advice of the Kohler engine experts. Is this engine prone to these types of issues related to the breathing assembly? Should I put any money into this tractor or trade it and take my losses?
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    I am not feeling to confident here with no responses as of yet. Either nobody has any ideas or too busy!

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