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    Kubota ZG20, Toro Z400 or Deere 717A? The only three brands within 40 miles of my house. Use on about 8 house accounts 1/2 to 1 1/2 acres?
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    If the lawns are well taken care of, I would stay away from the Kubota. The Toro and the Deere will give you a superior cut.

    In my opinion, the 717 is the best of these 3 mowers. It is the only truely commercial grade machine of the group. The Deere has the larger drive wheels and is a solid machine.

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    i can only speak of the 717a.mine is great and going strong.just hit 100 hrs on it and love it each day.but i only cut about 12 to 15 acres,only7 yards.
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    I have the Toro Z 400 and like it a lot. I liked the all 7Ga deck. I can get any part I need from Toro in a day or two from my dealer. Toro parts seem expensive but hear A LOT about how DEER parts are way expensive and now they have you locked in to buying engine parts form only DEER. Because Briggs or whoever makes the engine but only DEER will service and provide parts. May or may not be a big deal but something to consider.
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    I've had my JD 337 for about 2 weeks, 55 hrs. on the clock. It's a fine machine, cuts well in tall and/or wet grass. Love the Kawi engine, purrs like a kitten with synthetic oil. Downside for me: on rough terrain, I get bounced around pretty good.
  8. mhussey

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    You probably need to do some research before you post. The 400 series is a true commercial mower. It is a compact commercial mower as opposed to the 500 series which is a full size Z.


    Kawasaki® Engine 21 hp V-Twin
    Air Filter Standard paper and foam
    Cutting Deck 48" 7-gauge
    Spindle Housings Cast iron with
    9-3/8" base
    Spindle Bearings Ball bearings
    Blades 1/4" thick alloy steel
    Blade Tip Speed 18,500+ ft/min
    Clutch 175 ft-lb
    Height of Cut 1-1/2" - 4-1/2" in 1/4" increments
    Discharge Chute High-performance rubber
    Carrier Frame 2" x 2" x 3/16" tubular steel
    Ground Speed 8.3 mph forward
    4.8 mph rev
    Hydraulic Pumps Hydro-Gear
    10 cc/rev
    Hydraulic Wheel Motors Hydro-Gear
    15.1 cir, 1-1/4" tapered shaft
    Hydraulic Fluid Premium synthetic
    Drive Tires 23" x 9.5"-12"
    Caster Tires 13" x 5"-6"
    4-ply smooth
    Steering Controls 1-5/8" dia. levers; adjustable
    Fuel Capacity 10 gallons
    ROPS Folding; standard


    19-hp OHV, air-cooled, vertical shaft, Kawasaki® gas engine
    9-mph transport speed

    Hydrostatic System
    Exclusive single-body dual-unitized Kanzaki pump for greater reliability
    Closed Loop system eliminates cross contamination possibility
    2-gallon (U.S.) reservoir allows a longer "dwell time" - enabling system to run cooler

    7-Iron II™ Deep-Deck Mowers
    48-inch 7-Iron II™ mower deck
    Provides a powerful vacuuming action to lift the grass and create better airflow
    One-piece 7-gauge stamped steel means no weld points to fail
    Full floating deck follows ground contours, providing the best groomed appearance

    Ribbed cast aluminum spindle housings provide strength and cooling surface area that stands up to commercial applications
    Three 25mm spindles are cold-forged and heat treated for added strength
    Spindles are supported by precision ball bearings, providing enduring performance and reliability
    Spindles can be greased from the top of the mower deck

    Heavy-Duty Canister Style Air Cleaner
    Standard heavy-duty canister air filtration system improves engine life

    Two-Lever Hydrostatic Drive Controls
    Zero-turning radius for excellent maneuverability
    Dual-lever, hydraulically dampened operator controls provide a smooth ride
    Ergonomically designed for rider comfort during extended operations

    Deck Height Adjustment
    Innovative, low effort dial height-of-cut adjustment with foot assist deck lift system
    Fifteen height-of-cut positions from 1.5 inches to 5 inches in 1/4 inch increments

    Large Fuel Capacity
    Single-fill 8.5 gallon (U.S.) fuel tank allows for all-day mowing
    Top-draw dual tank for added safety

    Deluxe Comfort Seat
    One-piece, high-back, deep-cushioned with standard armrests
    Up to 5 inches fore-and-aft adjustment to match operator size

    Flip-up seat for easy access to the hydraulic system
    Open engine compartment for full access to engine components
    Flip-out foot panel for easy access to deck spindles

    Bilingual (English and Spanish) safety decals and operational safety video
    Foldable ROPS certified to OSHA 1928.51

    Two-Year "Bumper-to-Bumper" Limited Warranty*
    Local John Deere Dealer takes care of all warranty service. (There's no need to go to component suppliers for service.) *See dealer for details.

    List Price $7,819.00* (U.S.)

    If you will note the quoted comments of the original poster and read the specs to prove what he said is incorrect! The Deere uses a single pump where as the Toro has two separate pumps. Toro has a larger gas capacity! Spindles seem to be way larger on the Toro. The full 7 gauge welded deck seems to be made better than the Deere. Warranty's are the same! Deere is just a tad bit faster. In my opinion I would think the Toro edges out the Deere. Go look at specs before posting next time.
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    I run a ZG20 daily and I am happy. Yes, its not the fastest or the heaviest built mower on the market, but it is an all around good mower. I have seen mowers with a better cut quality, but the ZG's is still good nonetheless.

    Mine has over 700 hours on it and it has been in the shop once for a faulty parking brake switch. I beat the sh!t out of it and it seems to keep taking it And when I say beat I mean it. I would have never thought the ZG would take the abuse that I dish out so well. The stamped deck is surprisingly strong and I have yet to do any serious damage to it. The hydro deck lift along with it being shaft driven both make life nice. I bought it slighty used for $4500 with the bagger setup and front weights, so I'm content.

    The things I would change about the ZG series.
    Get rid of, or lengthen, the built in jack on the front of the mower. It doesn't lift it high enough to get an impact gun underneath it to change the blades, so I use a floor jack anyways.
    Offer something along the lines of the Hustler's flex forks.
    Redesign the front edge of the floor pan, where the "K" emblem is on the front, so it doesn't hang out in front of the frame/front casters. Mine is smashed to hell from bumping into trees, loading mowers and such. :)

    ohanyan1- Sorry to hear about your bad luck. I know I got a good one.
  10. ohanyan1

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    You may be correct but at least Delvon Roe had the good sense to choose Michigan State over your Tarheels.:laugh:

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