Kubota u45 too big?

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Tater2018, Aug 8, 2018.

  1. Tater2018

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    Im looking to purchase a mini ex for work on a piece of land I just purchased. I will be taking down a small house and outbuilding. Digging a septic and clearing another area for a second dwelling. I’ve been looking for a kx-121 for about 4 months now but every time I find one that in decent shape it’s snapped up quick. Well a dealer near me has 2008 kubota u45. It’s a 1 owner trade in with 960hrs and in very good shape. Two things I need advise on. First it’s an open cab and I was looking for a closed cab but I have to say after sitting in both I felt the open cab was nice. So is a cab something I absolutely should have? I won’t be using this everyday for business just on my free time to work on the property. Second is size wise it is a good jump up from the 121 and I’m a bit concerned about the manuverability of this size machine. If I need to do some work around my current house or run it to a friends to help out will the u45 be too large for that? Any input from guys that run a u45 would be much appreciated
  2. whiffyspark

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    I don’t know how Kubota crosses over but I rented a e42 many times and thought it was an ideal size. Not quite a 5 Ton but little bigger than a 3.5
  3. Tater2018

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    Looking at the specs of the bobcat e42 it is very similar to the kubota 121 in size. Which has been my initial thought to go with. But the u45 ran so much smoother and had a couple feet more of reach. Although it could have been because it had less hrs. I know the saying you rarely wish you had less machine but I keep thinking maybe for my case the smaller kx-121 would be a better fit.
  4. whiffyspark

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    121 is a good sized machine too IMO. I’ve ran a friends for a couple days and had no issues.

    I don’t know how they all cross over to bobcat. I just know their model system
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  5. whiffyspark

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    The cab is nice to have for the ac btw
  6. Tater2018

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    The dealer also had a cabbed 121 that I got to sit in a play around for a bit. For protection in rain and wind I can see its benefit but it honestly felt a bit cramped and seemed to block my view a bit. Maybe because I'm a newbie.
  7. TPendagast

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    I’d just rent one from somebody
    If you rent it long enough and you really honestly need to or want to buy it , then rental store will sell it to you and 80% of the rental goes toward the purchase price (typically)
  8. ksss

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    On the size of machine, depending on size of the buildings your taking down, the depth your digging for septic I would not go any smaller than a 45 sized machine. I would agree though, a mini ex for personal use, unless your a farmer cleaning out a lot of irrigation ditches every year, you will run out of things to do with it. Once the site improvements are done what are your plans for it. If your thoughts are to sell it, I would rent for this project. You could rent it for a month and get your project done and move on. Then you can rent according to the size you need. SSL's make more sense to own as you can do a lot more with them from a home owners perspective and rent the mini ex as you need it.
  9. Tater2018

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    I thought of the renting route but unfortunately this project will be ongoing for a couple years and I will be working on it during my free time which could be a couple hrs after work and weekends etc. The property is right next store to my full time residence so it’s convenient if the machine is there and I can hop on it when I get home. I have a skid steer already and I know the value of those. I got a few prices on the bulk of the excavation work and the labor cost alone is 2/3rds the cost of the machine.
  10. stringfellohawk

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    I can't talk about the U45 specifically because I don't have any time in one, however, I do have a Cat 305.5 E2 CR which is about the same size. Seldomly do I run into issues where I think it's too big. In most cases, I'm glad that I went with that size. I wouldn't use it as my primary excavator on anything larger than a single story house...although I have seen people do it. It can dig any septic system out there, however it can't set every tank. I'd put it up against a full sized backhoe every day.

    As far as a cab goes, I'm very glad that I have an enclosed cab. If the price was right, I may have wavered.

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