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Discussion in 'Tractors' started by thecuttingedgelawn, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. thecuttingedgelawn

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    I'm throwing around the idea of getting a Kubota Utility Tractor w/ Loader and maybe a few attachments. In the 30-38hp range. We have a farm which I would use this on quite a bit. (Logging/Land clearing, Mowing, Dirt Work and Loading scrap) What are some extra/side tasks/jobs that aren't too involved that I could use this for outside the farm? What do you guys use yours for? (besides obviously landscaping and snow removal) And I would rather not get into real hardcore landscaping. Thanks for your input!
  2. lawn king

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    Plowing,loading,aerating,york raking,spreading,boom spraying,brush hogging,light grading,post hole digging,etc.
  3. gcbailey

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    Around here we make excellent money brush hogging lots that people want maintained once a month.

    We also do the typical plow, till, disc, cultivate garden plots, but we currently have a BX and a B, so they are a little easier to transport than probably a Kubota L or M...

    People who are willing to do work with sub compact and compact utility tractors can name their price on somethings.
  4. Marek

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    I have a Kubota 3240 with over 700hrs on it. Love it but if it were our only machine I would go up in hp. Go for the grand L cab , you will never regret it ,no more cold wet or dry and dusty days.

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