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Kubota vs Ferris Who wins??


LawnSite Senior Member
What do ya'll think the better mower is Kubota diesel or Ferris diesel?
Kubota diesel outsells the Ferris diesel by a WIDE margin - you decide.

Keep in mind, a friend of mine buys ONLY Ferris gas ZTR's and I am a big fan of them. However, the Kubota engines are tried and true. Many manufacturers use Kubota's on their units.


LawnSite Member
It's like comparing a cadillac to a cadillac. It depends on what you want. The Ferris will provide the most comfortable ride with their enhanced suspension system. I'm a Ferris fan myself.

David Gretzmier

LawnSite Gold Member
My heinie tells me the kubota is a pretty good ride, even though the ferris has independant suspension. the resale on a kubota is way up there compared to ferris as well. kubota's also seem to be on the quiet side. My brother has run three of the kubota's through the wringer, and they are still running for the folks he sold them to. good luck-


LawnSite Member
I'd say both are great machines. About the only way to tell what would be right for you is to try them out. I've got two Ferris's and both are awesome machines. I've also got a small Kubota tractor with the 22HP diesel in it, and for its size, that little thing can kick some butt.


LawnSite Senior Member
Had a kubota. Due to problems ranging from broken deck lift arm, to a leaking head gasket etc . At 100 hours I took a 3k hit in the pocket to get rid of it. Local service sucked. never fixed correctly on first visit. Now I own Ferris.Very Satisfied.