Kubota vs Grasshopper ZTR. Which is better?

Mowing monkey.

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So I won’t be buying either one at least a new one on the near future. My Grasshopper has a lot of life left at the rate I use it. This thread is just intended for the debate. I currently own a 428d Grasshopper and my favorite part is the Kubota under the hood. The cut quality of the deck is good but not the best I’ve ever seen. Mine has 2400 hours 2200 of which were low paid and low care maintenance workers. All major components are original so obviously not that shabby of a unit. But there’s several features I think make the Kubota better. What’s your guys take?

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The newer Grasshoppers cut better than the old ones. I have one bought back in 2002, and my newest one, a 2018, and it is an improvement. When I was running both Scag and Grasshopper, I would tell you they each have their high points in cut quality, but not now. Grasshopper all the way!

Grasshopper has better drives than Kubota, in fact, Grasshopper has some of the best drives on the market. And it stands for reason, look at their attachments. Some of their attachments put alot of weight and stress on their drives and frame. Not many manufactures will offer a push blade and a 16 cubic foot all steel collection system for their machines. You will notice that even their "entry level" commercial machines have 4400 hydro gears drives, and they simply get bigger from there. When I asked them about the 3400 they said they would break spurs and had out put shaft leaks during their testing so they never offered that unit in their commercial machines.

Kubota may be more comfortable, I used to run my neighbors when he got behind before he got rid of it. He actually likes his Bobcat, and my Grasshoppers both better than his Kubota.