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Discussion in 'Tractors' started by geminibuddy, Sep 27, 2013.

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    well it's been a few months. Now with the cold temps coming around, I noticed my B3030 wouldn't budge for at least 10-15 mins after warming up. Even then, it was really sluggish for another 5-10 mins. Did some homework. I think the guy I bought it from had the wrong hydro fluid in it. I spent the better part of a day changing out all the fluids and filters, getting everything adjusted perfect. Kubotas need to use their "special" hydro oil. Once I did this, I noticed the loader functions much faster and is more responsive. It also works right away after start up. the trans doesn't seem to whine as much either, but it's still noticeable. I'm still a little bummed with how sloppy the loaders joystick is. I had it torn apart and there's no real way to tighten that up. The body is still cheap in my opinion and it's still got room for improvements. It could use more weight and the loader could have more power. They also should have put at least one rear remote on this machine standard. the 4x4 seems to be engaging properly now since I got the new hydro fluid in, but I haven't really had a change to test it out for real. It's starting to grow on me a bit, but I still think Kubota could have done better in the quality arena. I mean, it is a tractor, not a vaccuum cleaner.
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    You cant expect L series performance out of a B series tractor!
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    I am or will be in need of new tractor for sure by next fall. I have had all NH boomers. 3 right now. I am not sure I would go back. Deere nice but you pay for name. Kubota I think at this point is the way to go or direction to look in.
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    You will never regret buying a kubota! Im heading to MB tractor in NH this morning to take delivery of my 4th kubota tractor . A 2013, B2320 with heated curtis cab,loader,front snow blade and front snowblower with hydraulic chute rotation!
  5. meets1

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    LawnKing - after your return trip can you shoot over a few pictures of your lastest edition?!! Also what does your quote mean at the bottom of your picture?
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    We have used a case jx95 open plataform the past ten years for brushogging, this past year we went to kubota 8560 cab and it has ben great, raïn does not stop us now and it has made a big difference.
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    Pictures coming soon. You will always find beatles lyrics as my signature!
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    I know personally going from a BX to a B for the business was night and day difference. I could easily justify a L, but for using the MMM and maneuverability, the B fits the bill nice. I just wish the FEL had a little more capacity.
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    In 2007 the softball fields I ran bought a BX tractor and I loved it. It was perfect for maintaing the infields, but they also expected it to build and grade a new gravel road going to a new parking area on the complex. That was in 2009 and the tractor was getting tired so they upgraded to a 2010 B series tractor. They still have it today and it work well for maintaing the infields and the roads. We never had a belly mower, always used a zero turn and then they hired a guy to do the mowing. I preferred the BX for the infields but the B still did a good job.

    Last winter I was running a 2008 L4740 with a loader. They had a bushhog and a post hole digger but weren't using that equipment in the winter. They bought a cab with a heater and I could sit in there with jeans and a t-shirt with the heat on low during a storm and i'd be warm.

    Im not sure what year your talking about but I never felt any real slop in the hydro's, you may hust have to get use to them.

  10. lawn king

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    I added a B series again as my grand L cab model is simply too damn big for some jobs. You can get a B series machine into some really tight properties!

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