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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Weedburner, Dec 31, 2003.

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    Started working on an old mower this afternoon with a Kubota D600 engine. The unit wouldn't start last summer and the owner left it set. I am getting fuel from the filter to the fuel pump. The pump is a mechanical like was used for years on car engines. I'm not getting much flow or pressure out of the fuel pump to the injection pump when cranking the engine. Not getting a good high pressure spray, but some fuel, when I cracked open an injection line. Tried a bit of starting fluid while cranking the engine and still didn't get a pop. I expected it to run a few turns on the starting fluid if I had just a fuel problem. Any one have experience with these?
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    Sonds like you need a new fuel pump... I believe, at least in some of the fuel pumps, there is a screen inside. It may be clogged up. When cranking with the fuel line off of the output side of the fuel pump, you should have a good stream when it pumps. No spitting or bubbling. Now.. if that seems OK, crack one of the lines at the top, coming out of the injector pump. You should have flow, a steady running of fuel from each line, if cracked one at a time. Now, crack one line at a time at the injectors. You should have the same flow as you had coming out of the pump. Its aso important to have agood fully charged battery so that the cranking speed is fast enough to light it off. Once you determine that fuel is getting to the injectors, and all the air is out of the system, you should be able to spin it over and see some white smoke out the exhaust. If no smoke, or very lil, then you dont have fuel to the injectors or there is air in the system. The Kubotas are picky about getting all the air out. Also make sure the fuel shutoff isnt closed on the injector pump. Some are manual with a cable and some have an electric seloniod. The fuel shutoff lever is located on the inj pump, below the throttle lever and must be in the rearward position to allow fuel to flow. Good luck and e-mail me if ya need more info.

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