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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Hardy Enterprises, Oct 30, 2000.

  1. Hardy Enterprises

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    I was talking to my Kubota/Exmark rep today and he was showing me the info on the new Kubota Z that is coming out this year. Looks like pretty nice machine the only things I really didn't like was the stamped deck and the largest cutting width is only 60". I don't about the cut quality or anything just seen the brochure. It is going to have a 21hp Kubota diesel that is suppose to run all day on 8 gallons of diesel.

    He said they had mock hill setup to demostrate the hill holding capiblities of this mower compared to Exmark Lazer Z, John Deere Z, and the Dixie Chopper. He said the mock hill was a wood frame decked with plywood. The plywood was covered with outdoor carpet and then sprinked with sand. He said first they took the Dixie Chopper up and started across the "hill" and it just slid to bottom. Then the then JD went with same results. Next the Lazer Z went. He said it went across it the "hill" fine, but you could see some slight sliding marks in the sand. Next the Kubota went across with no slidding. Obviously at a Kubota sale meeting they are going show off the strong points over other mowers, and it was a mock hill and not the real thing. However I thought it was still pretty interesting.

    Another nice thing is the Kubota is going to sale for around $10,000 which is signficantly less than most diesel.


  2. HOMER

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    I was wondering when they would get in the Z market. i don't understand how they got that one to stay on the hill when the others wouldn't. Maybe they doctored the tires a little.

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    I would say it makes a big difference in what tires they had on them on a hard surface like that. Another thing, did they put sand on the carpet each time? If not, it may have all slid down the mock hill by the time their machine went across it.

    That engine should run all day on 8 gallons of fuel. My diesel holds 9 gallons of fuel and will run 2 fairly long days and never has run out filling it every other day. That 8 gallons should run that machine for at least 10 hours. My JD 20 HP diesel never ran out in a long day and it holds 6 gallons.
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    Thanks for the info.

    I keep that in mind next time I'm mowing artificial carpet with sand on it.
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    Hey Lazer?, You may even want to lower the tire pressure just a LITTLE bit. I find this works well when mowing astro turf.

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