Kubota Z726x vs Exmark Lazer z e series


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Hello all. First time posting here, but I am a long time lurker as well as an active plowsite user. Let me start off by saying that I have researched both of these mowers extensively, but cannot turn up very much information on the Kubota.

I currently run two Exmark Lazer z x series machines and have been nothing but impressed. Excellent cut, and I have never really experienced the dreaded clumping issues out of the series 6 even cutting soaking wet like many others seem to have problems with. Basically I need to add another machine as we have taken on many more accounts. I have set a budget of around $10k before tax. In my area these are the two brands that have the best dealer support.
Both the Lazer z e series and Kubota 726x meet this $10k price point in my area. So here is my question. How does the Kubota actually cut in heavy spring growth, wet or weedy grass or just normal conditions? Will it stripe right with an exmark? On paper the Kubota is the better machine: faster ground speed, more fuel capacity, slightly better hydros, etc. Essentially it appears on paper to be very similar to the Lazer z x machines I run now, just $3k cheaper than the x series.

It all comes down to the deck and how they cut. I will sacrifice a little speed and fuel capacity if the Lazer simply cuts better. I have no experience with the series 4 on the e series. I might be able to demo the exmark, but not the Kubota. I would love to hear from anyone who runs the Kubota or has experience with both.

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