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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Simply Green Lawn Care, Nov 1, 2005.

  1. Simply Green Lawn Care

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    I'm starting a commercial lawn care business and I would like some input with regards to reliabilty and the general reputation of the Kubota line of ZTR's.

    I recently purchased A Kubota ZD28F/60" although I was leaning towards the EXMARK and SCAG brands.

    I decided to go with Kubota because I've dealt with this dealer before and they are relatively good for providing service and parts.

    The EXMARK dealer is right down the street from the KUBOTA dealer. Both are just a few miles from my house. The SCAG dealer is further away and I'm not sure about his service reputation. The EXMARK Dealer has a good reputation for his service.

    Kubota actually has a chart on their website comparing themselves with EXMARK and SCAG. So far I like the Kubota but I would appreciate some feedback from you guys that have more experience.

    Please help! Thanks, Bo @ Simply Green Lawn Care
  2. twj721

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    Ihad 2 of them one ZD18 with 54" steel stamped deck traded it in for a ZD 28 witha 60 pro deck and still could not get the cut that I wanted compared to the cut that I was getting out of my Scag Saber Tooth Tiger so I sold it And bought another Scag but this one is a Turf Tiger witha 61 a deck great machine
  3. Saxman

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    I have a ZD21, Pro 60 deck and have had great luck with it. Very economical to operate, built very well and great dealer support. This is like the Dodge/Chevy/Ford pickup debate, don't start it because it will never be settled. Whatever brand I have is the best is what it boils down to. If you are happy with it that is all that matters!!!
  4. Simply Green Lawn Care

    Simply Green Lawn Care LawnSite Member
    from TN
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    Thank you all for the feedback, I greatly appreciate you guys!

  5. qps

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    I have a zd28, love the motor but the drive system stinks, I'll be selling or trading it in next spring for another scag turf tiger...sorry but I would have bought one of the others.

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