Kubota zd no power!!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Peterson Landscaping, Aug 27, 2003.

  1. Peterson Landscaping

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    I have a zd 21 with a 60" fab deck with 127hrs on it and from day 1 it had no power going up hills and wouldn't cut where the front tires pushed the grass down, add the 3 bag bagger and you could push mow quicker. The dealer replaced the blades because of a recall and boosted pump pressure and they say its good to go I haven't used it yet though so I guess i'll find out. Anybody else encounter these problems?
  2. cblackwe

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    Did the pump pressure boost fix the power problem? Am looking at the Kubotas for new purchase haven't decided on 21 or 28 hp yet. Waiting on some experienced operators opinions in real life. Let me know. Thanks.

  3. Mowingman

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    Forget that Kubota. They are a high cost repair just waiting to happen. Think about the cost when, not if, the one-piece hydro drive unit fails. Also, have you noticed that the drive line for powering the deck goes through that hydro box. What kind of cost are you looking at when something happens to that drive line. If you want a Kubota diesel-powered ZTR, get the Grasshopper midmount. I have two, and can tell you that the design is way more simple to maintain than the Kubota. Repair parts are also much cheaper than Kubota parts.
    On the Grasshopper, you can, if needed, replace individual wheel motors and hydro pumps. Also, a belt is a lot cheaper to replace than that kubota drive line.
    I have read elsewhere, that the Kubotas have a relatively low blade tip speed. I am not sure what it is, but I read they have a poor cut at times due to low blade tip speed.
  4. Ax Man

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    Hey there Mr Peterson,
    Your'e in Patterson eh?
    I used to help Carl and Jeff in the old days when they still had the golf course.
    If you run in to Jeffer or Scott tell em Si said howdy.
    Nice article about the nursery in Turf, Jeff says he's trying to get his boss to buy more from you guys.
    Did Reardon get the machine working?
  5. Peterson Landscaping

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    cblackwe, sorry I took so long to reply been very busy haven't checked in for a while boosting the pump pressure did help as far as power. Cut quality just isn't there. As far as blade tip speed it's 18,500 I have the fab deck the original stamped deck machines had a lower tip speed. If you are mowing thick green weed free grass the machine is great, if the lawn is less than perfect it miss grass like it does't have enough suction under the deck. I am going to buy another Ferris and get rid of this machine it is good but not as good as Ferris.

    hope this helps, Eric
  6. mdl

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    from Indiana
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    I have had the same cutting problems with a ZD-21 with the stamped deck.
    My main problem is the strip under the front wheels. Even if I go slow, it will not fully cut in the tracks of the front wheels.
    I have had it serviced twice with no improvement.
    The blades have been changed and deck meticulously leveled but the problems persist.
    My dealer says he has not seen similar problems. However, I talked to another Kubota dealer who has seen the cut problems in the front wheel tracks and said he had talked to my dealer's service dept. and they acknowledged to him that they indeed had seen the problem.

    A regional Kubota service rep. is to check out my unit to see if it can be fixed but I am not optimistic.
    I am close to trading/selling the ZD for something else, likely Exmark.

  7. Peterson Landscaping

    Peterson Landscaping LawnSite Member
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    I have the same issue with the fab deck the castor wheels are to close to the center of the outer blade spindles where there is not a lot of lift , like a dead spot of air under the deck theres nothing that can be done, the deck needs to be off center like the toros, exmarks, ferris etc. My dealer is the same way always saying theres nothing wrong with the design. Anybody want a 2003 zd21, 60" w/fab deck and three bag bagging system?
  8. John Gamba

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    smaller 664.jpg
  9. Speedy

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    We have had the same problem with our new Kubota. The dealer up the pressure and also increased the RPM's of the engine. The blade shaft speed at the center of the shaft is turning 3300rpm's. This did make a difference in ours, but it is still not like the old one. One other thing to check is the pitch of the deck. Ours was delivered with the deck being level. I changed it to having the rear of the deck about 1/4" higher than the front. This made a little difference also. I do not have the problem with it leaving a strip where the front wheels roll. We haven't had any problems with it leaving grass, regardless of thick grass or not. As with most new things that come out, sometimes it is better to wait until the bugs leave. As for the repair cost, none of the Kubota's we have owned have been in the shop. Can't say that for the Scag's

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