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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dgbigbn, Apr 19, 2005.

  1. dgbigbn

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    I am thinking about purchasing a Kubota Zd model with 260 inch deck....I am looking at the ZD21 but considering going to a bigger model(ZD25 , ZD28).Can anyone tell cost increase from each model and bang for the buck.....
  2. dgbigbn

    dgbigbn LawnSite Member
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    Sorry with :60 inch deck
  3. br549oicu8

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    Own a ZD 21 Pro...be sure to get the pro deck
    Dealer quoted

    Having a new ZD28 delivered tomorrow to compliment our ZD-21.
  4. specialtylc

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    You need to ask the dealer about cost. I have had a ZD21 for 3 years and have found it to be an excellent machine. When I bought mine the 21hp motor was all that was available with the 60 inch deck.Now you can get them with a 21,25, or 28 hp motor. If I was buying it today I would get the 25hp motor. 95% of the time my 21hp is plenty, but there is still that 5% that has that steep hill and thick grass situation. I think the 28 hp would be a waste of fuel.

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