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Kubota zd21 60'' only one year old!!


LawnSite Member
Jacksonville Fl
Kubota zd 21 60'' cut great condition I am looking to sell it because I usualy use my 48'' and I realy dont need this mower I only put about 115 hours on it. I bought it brand new about a year ago now. http://jacksonville.craigslist.org/grd/1601017084.html

I have pictures of it on my craigslist posting. Thanks for looking give me a call at 904-217-7364 I live in Florida in the St. Augustine area it is a little south of Jacksonville. Thanks Stefan Lhota


LawnSite Member
Meansville, GA.
What happened to the yellow trailer. Sell it locally? What did it go for? I was very interested but never got a response. Just wondering. I am sure you can find a buyer for the Kubota shortly.


LawnSite Fanatic
i thought they did not offer a 60in for the 21hp, as it was too much for it to handle. i thoughyt only 54 in decks were available for this model!?

either way, nice machine. wehave three 326 models and theyare great, had the older zd21s and they were very nice too, much smaller and easier to handle though. i miss those a bit.

good luck and this a good deal guys!


LawnSite Silver Member
West Bend WI
Wow, what a deal.