Kubota ZD21 and quality of cut

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by uhlme, Nov 7, 2003.

  1. uhlme

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    I have been considering purchasing a ZD21 w/ 60" deck because I am already setup for diesel and like the features of the mower. I was trying to decide if I wanted the stamped deck(because I have found some used) or the "Pro" deck on a new one. I have read several posts here about the "stamped" vs. "Pro". I know the "Pro" is stronger but what I mow is not very rough. When I was talking to the dealer, he said they have had a couple of "quality of cut issues" with the "Pro" deck and finer grass - like bluegrass and creeping red fescue. I asked him what he meant by "quality of cut" and he said it missed some grass. Bluegrass is what I mainly mow. Has anyone seen this with either of the decks? If you have, which deck do you have and what did you do to fix it? I have also read the stamped deck scalps easier than the Pro deck, is this true? The dealer also told me the Pro deck casters can be put on the stamped deck to help with this. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

  2. kaufmaninc

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    I ran the 21 for 3 hours. I've come to the conclusion that it needs more torque/power. I was boggin it down quite a bit. If I was to get on, I'd get the 28. If you set the deck up correctly, they do mow nicely.
  3. thebruken

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    I have the zd21 with pro 60" deck. I have had no cutting issues with it. I cut Ky bluegrass and KY fescue and it does very good on either. I like the mower very much and it has plenty of power except I do have a large hill on the back of my property and when mowing straight up the hill it does slow the engine a little but it still cuts fine even at the steepest point. If I had it to do over again I would at least try a zd28 with the 60" pro deck.
  4. Envy Lawn Service

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    The local dealer here orders ZD 21's w/ 60" Pro decks and ZD 28's with the 72" Pro deck. I told him I would be more interested in the ZD 28 w/60" Pro deck. He say the 21 hp is plenty but I think not.

    I like everything about them. But I have to admit I was intimidated buy the possibility of a drive system failure. It looks like even the most minor repair would be costly and take a lot of time. Any comments on that????
  5. uhlme

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    Thanks for all of your replies. It will help me make my decision. As far the cost of a drive system failure, I have never had any problems with my previous hydros I have owned( 855 Deere and Cub Cadets.) It looks to me that the Kubota is very similar to the Deere in design. If it did fail, it probably would be expensive to fix, but so is a Scag or Grasshopper - about 900-1000 per wheel.

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