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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by likethegreenstuff, Oct 2, 2004.

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    I just purchased a used (183 hrs) Kubota zd21 with a 60" stamped (old style, right?) deck. I used it today for the first time and am very disatisfied with how it discharges the cut grass. It hardly had enough power to get the grass out from under the deck and left piles everywhere. I was mowing about 4-4 1/2" grass to 2 1/2". I know that is more than I should cut at one time, but also know that this mower should be able to handle that. I also tried to blow the cut grass off of the driveway with the discharge of the deck, and that wouldn't ever move the cut grass. That just doesn't seem right to me. I mowed some of the lawn at a 3" height and didn't have the piling, but it didn't blow the grass out much beyond the deck end either. Any suggestions before I take it back to the dealer?
  2. C.T. Lawn Care

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    are you running it with the discharge shoot on and down? may sound crazy but when i demoed one with that deck it would not blow the grass out good. but at soon as i took that off it improved greatly. you might also want to try new or different blades the stock high lift worked great for me.
  3. likethegreenstuff

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    I originally attempted the discharge chute down, then hooked up a way to keep it lifted for the rest of the mowing for the day. At the same time I went to chuts up I also raised the deck to 3", so not a cleare conclusion. I had tested several mowers, Hustler, Deere, Scag, Walker, Everride, but not the Kubota. The others I tested all had their pros and cons, but none had piling that would have made me discount that model. I bought the Kubota because of the dealer and features (and a good price for a barely broke in model), I didn't even consider that piling would be a problem. I have been looking in on this sights opinions for a while now, seems you can find good and bad for all brands, but piling is one of the worst things that a mower model can have.
  4. notforprofit

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    When looking for a mower, I tested (not a full demo , cut grass on the dealer's property) a ZG 21 with 48" stamped deck and it actually cut quite well . In fact a noted point was that the discharge was good and even , Now I cut mid day in dry grass, removing about 2" I'd say . These were stock blades that were sharp (unused actually) .

    Have you checked the blades , tried high lifts ? For what it's worth, I believe Kubota makes a blade tip speed increase kit (different drive pulleys for the blades) to bump up BTS from about 15,600 fpm to 18,500 fpm . Perhaps that would help as well . My guess is that you have some type of blade issue going on there . Hope that helps .
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    Hey Likethegreenstuff, Dont know if I can help, but I can tell u of my simular experience. One of my accounts is a 4 acre yard. The home owner has a Kubota GF 1800 diesel 4wd with the stamped deck. He originaly wanted me to use this mower to cut his lawn so I would cut a few bucks off his price. The mower did exactly what your is doing. It just lobbed the gras a foot or two with little force and yard had windrows every where. I had to take a bp blower to it every time. I asked them if I could locate higher lift blades for it, but they didnt seem to want to put in the effort or $$ so now I use my mowers and charge them more. Sorry I dont have the cure, but it seems to be a common problem. :waving:
  6. likethegreenstuff

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    Thanks all for the feed back. I contacted the dealer about it today and they said the mower has mulching blades on it and needs different blades since it doesn't have the mulching kit attached. Having heard about others situations I have my doubt's it will be enough help.
  7. smlavin

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    Keep us posted on any adjustments and the results. I would love to learn from your experience. :)
  8. FLS

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    Put a blade speed up kit on it.
  9. shortgut

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    I hate to say this but your problem is the stamped deck if you can afford it try to get yourself a pro deck for the Kubota zd and also get what they call a gear speed increaser kit I do not think that you can put the speed kit on a stamped deck it will only fit a pro deck but I could be wrong about that good luck
  10. marvinlee

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    We have an early Kubota ZD-21. It hs the stamped steel deck. I ordered the speed up gear kit at the same time as I ordered the mower. It discharges our Oregon fescue grass very well at our standard three inch cutting height.

    I've noticed considerable disagreement as to cutting performance by various machines. I wonder if cutting ability responds a lot to operator differences, to cutting height, to grass type and height, to grass dampness, to the time of season: spring grass or later summer, etc?

    For example, I often mow at less than top speed because our ground is rough. Maybe if I mowed full speed the mower would operate less well, or maybe better.

    The other think that I find odd is that great differences really do appear to exist in cutting performance amongst various brands. Is the industry knowledge level really so low on deck design? I would think by now that deck design would be fairly well understood. Instead, even long-established firms seem to have some hits and some misses on their different deck styles.

    What I want besides good cutting is a stainless steel deck that I need never worry about rusting. Now that would be benefit.

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