kubota zd21, enough??

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by newblade, Dec 20, 2005.

  1. newblade

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    I talked to a kubota dealer today about buying a zd25 and he tried to tell me that a zd21 would be enough and they were on sale at $8950. I have got a pair of older exmark lazer Z's with the 22hp kohler engine, I know that diesel power is different than gasoline - or so they say............what do you guys think?
  2. heather lawn sp

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    If you are looking more for torque (and for mowing you probably are) than straight horsepower the smaller diesels will put out something like 30% more torque for their horsepower than the gasoline horsepower. So a 20 hp diesel is 30% 'better' than a 20 hp gasoline. So a 21 hp Kubota will put out the torque of something like a 27 hp gasoline engine. The question then becomes . . .can you justify the diesel price with the volume of mowing it will need to cover its cost?
  3. jtkplc

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    On a 60" deck I'm assuming?

    I'm considering upgrading next year to diesel and I've read many past threads about the power issue and I haven't gotten a clear yes or no. Some will say that the diesel power 21 or 22 HP is plenty on a 60" deck. One member explains that a 23HP diesel is equivalent in power to a 30HP gas. Then you get the guys that say they need the 30+ HP diesels. Your best bet would be to demo one, that's what I'm going to do, although I am the kind of person who will buy the extra HP engine just so I won't regret not doing it. I think the extra few hundred dollars or however much it is to upgrade to a slightly larger engine with a few extra ponies will always pay off. I don't think you will ever regret having too much HP, after all, the extra power can only mean extra mowing efficiency, especially with a diesel.
  4. heather lawn sp

    heather lawn sp LawnSite Senior Member
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    Yea I'm one of them. . . 31 hp Yanmar diesel driving a 72" deck John Deere 997. Other than what Tonyr has to say about his rear discharge 60" mowing dry grass, units like these will go through thick wet grass at 7 to 10 mile an hour if you push them. A 31 hp will drive a 72" deck so scale it down from there and then,as the man says, demo anything you can.
  5. mhussey

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    If it was me personally I would wait and see how the new Toro/Exmark mowers are. New for 06' they are installing Kubota diesels. The reason I recommend this is because a lot of people have bought the Kubota mowers and loved the motor but hated the cut. I have a friend that just bought a new ZD28 and he said he liked the cut of his Dixie Choppers a lot better. Just my 2 cents.
  6. mhussey

    mhussey LawnSite Senior Member
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    There are also a few more manufactures that have Kubota diesels. I recommened Toro/Exmark because you said you had a pair of Lazers.
  7. newblade

    newblade LawnSite Member
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    I know that exmark is coming out with the kubota motor but the price will surely be more than the $8950 that I was quoted today. You can't hardly buy a exmark small gasser for that........Has anyone owned both an exmark and kubota? Which is better?
  8. mhussey

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    Yea I was assuming that price wasn't an issue at first. Thinking about it that is a good price for that machine. I haven't owned the both but have mowed with each. Like in my other post my friend has 2 60" Dixie Choppers and just recently added the ZD28. They love that diesel in the Kubota but he said the cut was nothing like the choppers. In my eyes I believe Exmark/Toro has the best cut of all. So in all actuality I believe the Exmark/Toro would be the better choice if your wanting a nice cut. There is another post about a ZD28 where some guy's recommend the Grasshopper with the Kubota diesel. You may want to find that post there is some very nice information about different types of mowers with the Kubota diesel engine. Hope this helps.

  9. Tonyr

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    Hey, G'Day Mate!

    Coming from a 28hp EFI on a 60'' Toro turbo force, to a 31 hp Yanmar in my 997, I can safely say I much prefer the big diesel, even though the gassers are great n all, just something about the diesel I prefer, plus loads of torque.

    And yes Tony complains about his 997 in dry grass, he also complains in lush grass, same bad issues, so lets forget the dry grass bit, it is more a overall design issue not mixing with the rear discharge issue, ok?

    But the latest is.... Tony gets to try a new 60'' side discharge 997 as soon as my dealer can find one, and if I prefer it, we swap!

    If this model with SD 7 iron deck is as good as you blokes reckon, Tony will be a happy boy in 2006 lol.

    So, the 997 you have, has it got a 7 iron, or a 7 iron 11 deck on it?

    Apparently deere has a new 7 iron out, reduces front blowout, faster blade speed, and reinforced spindle mounts or something.

    While on the subject, totally hijacking this thread, lol, when you reply telling me what deck ya got, can ya tell me how it cuts stalky weedy grasses?
    Ya know, the stuff that lays down under the deck and tries to stand up in defeat behind ya....

    KUBOTADAN LawnSite Member
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    i have the kubota zd-21 plenty of power. Quality of cut not the best.
    maint. free, parts are overpriced.

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