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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by A Cut Above Lawn Care, May 10, 2010.

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    I am in the market for a used mower. Not sure if I will be mowing in 2 years so, not wanting to commit to a new mower payment. I have found a 2006 Kubota ZD25 for $5500 with 1200 hours on it. How many hours can I expect out of this motor. Diesel motor seems to run great. I didn't get to cut with it due to rain. I might can get the guy down to $5000 if I try. I will demo it before I buy it.

    Any known issues with the year or model would be appreciated?
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    we had them and they are a nice hill hugging powerful mower. the trans is the only thing i would worry about. we had 5 of these series mowers from the 21hp to the 28hp. all had the same trans and got aobut 1000 or 1200 hrs on each of them b4 upgrading to the next.

    check with kubota on the serial numbers to see if it had any updates done and or tranny parts replaced. reguardless of what the owner says. other than that, the only real way to see if the tranny is operating correctly is get it on hillsides and get the trans good and warm and see if there is any hesitation from the hyrdos, note that these old trans were too light for the wieght of the machine sometimes, but it was hillside mowing on a long basis that was most of the downfall of these trans according to our experience and kubota info. all but one of ours had issues and was replaced several times except one machine. we mowed very steep inclines and long intervals with them, others around here that did not had little to no issues with it.

    i am trying to help but not deter, they are great machines and that is a decent price if well cared for. just consider what i mentioned and you will be fine, and if real hills are not a concern for you there, then really nothing to worry about if it "feels good after warm" and the info from kubota is ok, they track all their machines well trust me.

    we currently own three of the newer zd326 models and they have been super, had tow of them have an oil pan leak but was remidied easy and free and it happens, no trans issues even with the hills and the machine is even better, but the kicker is the hiliside performance is less as the older models were more hugging of the ground.

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