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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by BaltLawns, Mar 7, 2003.

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    It's been a while since I've been to this site. So long, I don't even remember my screen name (so i re-registered). Anyway, we are about to purchase two new Z's. The hustler super Z was our first choice. However, those crazy guys at Kubota sent us a mailer with the zero percent offer. We have taken every zero percent offer available. In July we went to buy a New Holland LS180 with cash, financed at 0% instead, that money is now invested, making 4.5%. Thats besides the point, or maybe that is the point. We were quoted $7600 for one Super Z with 60" deck and 25hp. Kaw/kohler? Keep in mind we were going to purchase two. The lowest possible finance rate we could find (not including credit unions) is 8.8%. Both kubota and the leading capital institutions require 10% down. If you do the math with tax, fees and interest minus the down payment, about 18333 will be financed. SO WHATS THE POINT!! One Kubota ZD 21 w/21 hp and 60" fab deck is roughly $9700.00. The finaced hustlers cost more. We will be forking out close to 19K regardless, why pay 19K for mowers worth $15200. Pay 19K for mowers that cost 19K.
    We were one phone call away from the Super Z, sure the guys will miss 15 mph, not as much as we would miss $4000.00!!! One other thing before I finish the novel. The new fabricated Kubota deck is almost identical to a Lazer (aside from the gear box and mechanicals). Someone please tell me I am mislead, or should reconsider. I think the botas are the way to go.
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    Demo them jokers. Or have you already, sorry I'm sure you already thought of this though. I think you're logic is correct and it sounds like a good idea. I too have seen the fab deck and it looks great! I am supposed to demo one but I still haven't gotten around to it.
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    our kubota dealer sells hustler also.I've been bouncing around same stuff you have.I can get 21/60 fab. dec for 9100 the 28/60 is 10500 fab dec.super z 25/60kaw 7700.THAT 0apr looks awful good.;)
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    Thanks for the responses, I think I am sold on the Kubotas, most likely I will run the 28/60. The extra grand is worth the horse power. I just hope parts won't become an issue. We have a hustler 3400 with a 28hp Kubota in it, the only problems were Hustler design flaws. We've had several Z riders, they all have good and bad points. The general concensus around here is that Z's are Z's all the decks and Blade speeds are similar, engines are similar, drives are similar. Its all opinion, unless its a snapper those are junk. We pull our mowers after two-three seasons to eliminate the costly downtime issues, i am hoping these botas can push 3-4 yrs. Thanks again.
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    What about lazer Z-HP?? 23 HP and 52" deck? I think about 8K will get you one of these incl tax. Could save you another 2K but you would have to sacrifice 6" of cutting width.
    I typicallly pay 2/3 cash and put the remaining 1/3 on an equity line of credit at 4.5% oover 20 years. Typicall pay down in 1-2 years, but at my pace.
    Can you get a business line of equity through your financial institution? This way you can pay as much as you are able depending on business volume annually (seasonal ups and downs). If times are tough you pay the minimum (winter) which is far less than any othermonthly loan payment.
    PLUS the interest is tax deductible.

    Just a thought.

  6. BaltLawns

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    Thanks for your response. I wish I could slide into an HP, but I think it is too small and underpowered for our needs. 3% of our accounts are under a 1/4 acre, everything else is an acre+. I think it is the Diesel durability factor that is catching my attention. We need speed, strength, power, and longevity. As far as banks go, our commercial account will lend us all we want, the lowest amount we can borrow is $25,000 on a revolving line. With main't and usage fees, I don't even want to bother. Its tough to wrestle with that 0%. The option is not dead yet, on Monday, we hear back from two dealers on pricing options. Besides the grass won't be growing for another three weeks up here. Thanks again.

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