Kubota ZD331 Power Loss

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by trooper8870, Sep 16, 2012.

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    I would tell you to drain the oil and see if there is a metal sheen to it but this is a warranty issue and you should take it in right away. Never run an engine like this even under warranty because you are doing internal damage to it and all they may do is replace the head leaving you with the rest of the block that you ran in an overheated state.
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    Yea, either of those two things could cause the symptoms he has.


    Before you take it in (if you haven't already) check the coolant level and color, and do the same with the oil. If it wasn't checked when new just because it was a new machine, it's possible that it didn't have enough of one or the other right from the start.
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    How about an update! Im curious as to what the problem was.
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    Have not got it in to dealer yet. They are aware of issue and are contacting Kubota about it. I will carry it in when the regional service man will be their. In the next few days or so. It is parked for now!
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    Any updates?
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    I got rid of all three units. Only thing I got out of dealer was they could not find a problem. Regional serviceman never showed, so I became skeptical of my dealer. I was not too impressed with the units. The ZG227 was horrible. This unit is not worthy of being called a commercial unit. The two ZD331's were okay, but the power issues with the one and the fact that neither one of them cut worth a crap was enough reason for me to move on. Oh yeah the hydro systems sucked as well! I purchased three Hustlers and have been overly satisfied to date with them. I just hate I wasted the money on the Kubotas in the first place.

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