Kubota ZG227 Muching Kit?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by jleviner, Jan 15, 2013.

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    Let me start off first by saying this site was the reason I bought the Kubota zg227 this past summer. I have used john deere, bobcat, husky, and ex mark. I will have to say that those mowers arent in the same ball park as the kubota. If you are considering buying one do not hesitate. The main reason Im posting this thread is to see if anyone has used the kubota mulching kit for the pro cutting deck. I was looking to to buy one and just wanted to make sure if its worth the money. I put a set of those gator blades on but they seem to bog the mower down. Also does any other company make blades for this mower instead of kubota or oregon.
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    I do not have a Kubota, but I do mulch all the time. I have a JD Z920 26 HP and use the mulching blades. I would think that your mower would do fine. A few things about mulching in general: I have 4 sets of blades and change them at least once a week depending on the time of year and growth. I spray some fluid film under the deck after changing blades especially when grass is moist in the spring. It makes for quicker clean up the next blade change. I change my oil and filter every 50 hours. The engine works hard at times when it has all that grass to process. Lastly, I do not start cutting early in the day on bermuda yards when they are still wet. Waiting a few hours for it to dry makes a huge difference. I do not spend much time blowing off sidewalks at commercial properties.
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    What do you spray the bottom of your deck with? I'm curious as this is an ongoing problem for me.


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