Kubota ZTR on website

lee b

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Kubota has finally put their new ztr on the web at kubota.com


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Memphis, TN
It has decent blade tip speed. 17,500. They sure don't want you to get a real good look at the machine. Very small picture for a "cutting edge" mower. I wonder what the price of that z is?


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It's also in the new Lawn & Landscape magazine in the commercial mower section. Nice looking mower.


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Ok gentleman. I was at the Kubota dealer today, after I went to the DC dealer:). He gave me some info on the new ztr's. I was waiting for a thread to let everyone know!! If I miss anything or you have questions feel free to ask. Ok lets see. They have tow engine choices 18 or 21 hp diesels. Two deck choices 52 or 60. Price for the 21hp 60 deck is pretty good at 10k.(I feel like a dealer) I think its good for a diesel engine. Speed is 9.5 forward, 5.2 reverse. Shaft driven deck. Hydraulic lift!! Which sounds nice. Heighth adjustment is by a knob. ANother nice feature is a built in jack sort of thing. The front wheels are connected witha shaft and tilt up onto one of the front wheels with the use of a crank.(hard to explain)They also have a bagger. Its a fan powered by a pto drive and it holds 12 bushels. 8 gallons of gas. I think thats about it, anything else I haven't covered let me know. PLan on trying it next month, so I'll let everyone know.(Its no Laser, but we'll see :))