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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Bigtodd, Feb 13, 2002.

  1. Bigtodd

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    Hey guys, I've been doing some shopping around for a 60" Z. I'll probably go with a used one as I am just starting out this year, but I stopped into the local Exmark dealer to check out the new machines just for the heck of it. This place also sells (and rents) Kubota products and they had a couple of 60" Kubota ZTR mowers in the showroom. Obviously they are diesel, 18 and 24hp I think, and I can see the advantage with tourque and fuel economy. They looked to be pretty well made machines, and the overall size seemed to be a little more compact than the Exmark. Prices seemed to be about $1k more.

    Anyone have any experience or knowledge of these machines.
  2. Cutter1

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    I have run the Kubota and I love it. It runs strong for only 23 HP. (the big one is 23) They are coming out with a bogger engine this year also, but I think its on a 72 deck. The fuel economy is awazing and it cuts extremly nice. I highly recommend it and when I get a diesel, I will get on eoff these and I have all exmarks!!
  3. bharrison

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    I have owned a Kubota ZD21 for about 6 months now, and absolutely love it. No complaints at all. Engine is extremely strong, wet disc clutch is smooth, hydro drive is smooth, heydro deck lift will spoil you...If you have any questions, or anything, e-mail me. ben.harrison@fox44.com
  4. yorkpaddy

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    i would definetly want the 23. In compact tractors there is a lot of talk about how a 16 hp diesel can outpull a 25 hp gas but in that case the torque and weight of a diesel come in to effect. I know that mower have pulleys that put the engine in their working range, but your still running the engine at max rpm and thats where you want torque not down at 1400 rpm. Thats just what i can figure YMMV
  5. Randy Scott

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    Hey Bigtodd, this may be a little off the subject but it still relates. As far as buying a used machine because you are just starting out, you should checkout eXmarks new 2 year lease program. My dealer told me that a machine about $8000 is going to have a payment of about $300 per month. Might make getting a new piece of equipment a little more affordable. Just something to look into.

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