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    I bought a kubota mower deck for my older model kubota tractor about 3 month ago. During the leaf season. This 60" inch deck has 4 rubber wheels on the sides and a round on in the front center and a smaller one in the rear center underneath the deck. Talk about poor engineering!!!! The older decks had an adjustable wide roller sitting outside the rear center. The mechanics said they change this because grass clogged in the roller. I had one and it rarely did that. How stupid this new design is. YOU have to cut at 2-1/2" if the ground has any un level areas. If the ground rolls in anyway the cut is uneven even at the above height. And it still scalps at that height!! That height is too high for crab grass and weedy yards. The little roller especially where it is locate will lock down and will not support the deck leading it to scrub the ground. The dealor is in denial. But the mechanics say the have had other complaints. I swear my dealor is becoming more and more like a used car dealorship. The mechanics will only whisper becausethey dont want to be heard telling the truthe. And they are a high priced dealorship to begin with compared with the prices I have seen on here. After I showed them the problem they said there was nothing they could do for me. At first they said it would be 2 weeks before they could look at it. I just had spent alot of money with them and have in years past.
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    Charles:<p>I'm not sure what model you purchased but a friend of mine owns a golf course and bought tens of thousands of dollars in kubota equipment from the same dealer. One was an out front 4wd rotary with 31 horse diesal. The drive shaft for the deck was sealed bearing and could not be greased. So every few months the thing dried out and parts busted and flew up into the radiator and destroying it. The bill was $500.00 a pop x 3 episodes. He had a real hard time getting it covered under warranty and eventually dumped it off at the dealership and refused to make any more payments to kubota financing.<br>If you just bought it, I would scream the loudest now, especially if they won't give special attention to a new customer.
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    Okay here is what i have. B9200 --1981 one owner at the time in good shape I bought from them 6 years ago The deck is model number Rc60-21b. Had to have a kit to make it fit. I bought a laser at the same time I bought the deck to replace the old deck. I had bought a large bagging system from them too. BUt guess they got to many customers to care. The shop manager said call him in 2 weeks and he would get right on it. Well this was last week and now the busy season. I called him within the 2 weeks on thursday and the manager said bring it in on monday. Well turns out monday was his day off. And the place was 1/2 hour drive. So the head mechanic had to handle it kinda sneaky if u ask me. Ya that sucks too what happened to your friend
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    Oh ya, I cant raise too much hell. I have known the people business wise for along time. And if they screw you over if they like you. Imagine what they do to you if the didnt like you? lol. Their is another kubota dealer the a bit farther away. But they don't carry lazor.
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    Kubota decks on the mid mount tractors have <br>a bad name here,as they are always cracking<br>up,castors falling off,ect.Same goes for the<br>G1800 4 wheel steer too.Dealers always blame<br>it on &quot;driver abuse&quot;,not a design fault.<br>Perhaps you should look at getting rid of the<br>Kubota and getting a New Holland/Shibaura.<br>Or maybe a walker.

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