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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by Grassrootz, Jun 8, 2004.

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    I just wanted to let everyone know how pleased I am with my local rep. His name is Perry Hughes and he definitely goes the extra mile to make his customers happy. He is a real asset to Exmark. I live the Houston area, and prior to buying an Exmark I shopped all different brands and dealers to have them voice their opinions. Perry's name and Exmark came up continually.

    I picked up a commercial property a little while back which was my first larger property which is 20 acres and 148 town homes which require full maintenance. The last landscape company did a horrible job out there so they were really ready for a new company to take over. As you all know you first impression must be your best, and unfortunately right out of the gate my new Exmark had a Kohler Carburetor problem. I called Perry, which new the circumstances and importance of this property and he drove out to meet me onsite and left me a demo to use, brought mine to the shop to be repaired. So, fortunately I had the rep and the company bail me out and let me still send the right first impression to my new property.

    Thanks Perry & Exmark!!!
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    Thanks. Perry's a good guy.........but if you tell him I said that I'll deny it................just kidding. I'll be sure to pass your comments along.


    PS: I'll also hafta tell him thanks from us. There's a whole bunch of people on the team and each one including Perry adds value and makes a difference in how quickly issues are taken care of.

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