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Was mowing a customer house yesterday and all the sudden my lazer z hp died. I bought it in September of 2002 and it has about 500 hours on it. I called my local dealer and he said it sounded like the clutch. He told me what to do to get it off and said it would probably crank. I couldn't budge the bolt to save my life. So I call him back. This was about 4:30 on Friday afternoon. He comes to pick it up. He uses a winch to pull it onto his trailer. They had it fixed at 9:30 a.m the next day. Just wanted to give kudos to Hyatt Lawn and Garden in Bowdon, Ga. David Hyatt really took care of me and had me mowing again in no time. They are always a pleasure to deal with. Great Exmark dealers.


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That is great! I think sometimes we all forget that a good dealer gives more value than any product he or she may sell.

As a manufacturer we can have a good product but for it to become great we must have great dealers.

Thank you for taking the time to drop us a not on David and his crew. I'll make sure and pass it along to our factory rep down there as well as our management staff.