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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Indiana, Sep 5, 2000.

  1. Indiana

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    Hey guys.

    Looking for a good pesticide sprayer. About a 50 gallon to spray a heck of alot of kudzu. Also, a couple friends of mine say to use Round-up Pro. Although it will probably come back.

    Is there a better chemical. This is a resort area that is covered up with established kudzu. (Western NC)

    A have been working there for about four years and they have been sparying it with 1 1/2 gallon spot sprayers. (hopeless) I have been telling them to let someone licensed spray it... like me. Well, they gave in. I have a 15 gallon DC sprayer but I think I need a bigger one. Also, my chemical dealer said to use Valpar. Never heard of it or used it and he doesn't know anything about it either.

    Just looking for a little help in this.
  2. bob

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    What is kudzu? Please discribe. Thanks
  3. Indiana

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    Kudzu is a Japanese ground cover that was brought to the U.S. by some gardeners for some unknown reason. Anyway it is a creeping vine and completely covers everything. Its vine is about a 1/4" thick and has leaves 3-4" wide has a bloom which is purple. Sounds pretty...

    It is not pretty. When it grows, usually on banks and forested areas. It can kill a tree in about 3 to 4 years. Big trees, oaks, maples etc... Impossible to stop. In the summer, it can grow as much as a foot.

    No joke. There were some studies on as a pasture crop. Don't know why. It's a curse. You cannot weed-eat it, mow it, or pull it out. I don't know how deep the roots grow. DEEP!!!

    In the South, we have it everywhere. Many areas like Atlanta and such have developed plans to eradicate it. Nobody uses the same technique, it seems.

    One thing for sure kudzu is a real curse to the south. Maybe a money maker for me, if I can control it. I don't know.
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    Jim, good links for Kudzu. Bob asked what it is, a good photo from one of your links, I think that was a cabin: :eek:

  6. BRL

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    Hey! That's my vacation home! I'd better start taking more vacations so I can keep up with the vegetation. I told my wife she'd better let me go fishing back in July. Now I'll have to get a flamethrower from Guido & send it up to the cabin with my wife and let her take care of it. ;) If she would have just let me go I could have stayed ahead of it.
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    Where is Guido?? We didn't go to war did we??
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    Indiana: I would think that if Roundup has been used several times in the past to kill it, by now the kudzu may be fully or partially resistant to Roundup.

    I would give Purdue Agricultural Services a call and explain your situation.
  9. Eric ELM

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    Indiana, back to your original question, you can get a 55 gallon sprayer from http://www.northerntool.com with a gas engine on it that is towable or they have one that will mount on any vehicle with a 12 volt system. Northern has stores out on the east coast and Tennessee too. They are based out of Mn.
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    Ray, Is that your enclosed trailer under there?

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