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    I was looking for help with pricing on eliminating kudzu for a local elec. coop under its right of ways and a few private resi. I do some spraying on the side and have my applicators lisc. but have not taken on a job this big any input would be great.
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    Get you a few Goats. Goats eat and pull up the roots. They will clean cut a yard in a week.
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    Kudzu (Pueraria lobata, family Fabaceae, sub Faboideae) is a high-climbing, densely pubescent, semiwoody vine with fleshy, tuberous roots. The leaves are alternate, net-veined, and pinnately compound with three leaflets. The three leaflets arise from the tip of a long petiole. The leaflets are pubescent, entire to lobed, with pinnate major veins. The flowers are perfect and irregular, and have an odor of grape Kool-Aid. The flowers are numerous in axillary panicles. The petals are purple or reddish-purple with a distinct yellow patch on the largest petal. The fruit is a several-seeded flat legume that is brown, pubescent, and 4-5 cm long.
    Kudzu is a fast-growing vine that persists along roadbanks and seems to be spreading into waste areas, fields, and even into the edges of forests. It often climbs on buildings and other man-made structures. It reproduces by seeds and by the tuberous roots.
    The fast-growing vine climbs over other plants (including natives) and kills them. Its tuberous root habit makes eradication of this species difficult. Several applications of a systemic herbicide are needed to deplete the nutrients in the root and keep it from sprouting new growth.
    I recommend concrete, kerosene, and hand grenades. Good luck
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    The lastest issue of Turf magazine had an article on this. This issue has not yet been posted online as far as I know.

    From what I recall in the article, Escort was a product mentioned. You might do some research on that. One of the products they mentioned requires a special license, over and above the typical turf license.

    I also understand that if you use glyphosate, it takes multiple applications for control.
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    I didn't read the article but Know Toron K is pretty rough stuff that has worked for me in the past. BTW Fla how bans the use of Toron. It is a RUP in other states
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