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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by KUMA01, May 7, 2018.

  1. Mitty87

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    So what is your plan when you finish high school? Keep the business going while you go to college or grow the business full time?
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  2. KUMA01

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    I'm going to the apprentice school and get my trade in electrical so I have something to fall back on. But the plan is to grow it to be full time.
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    You will have plenty of work if you get into electrical. In my area electrical and plumbing guys are always booming!
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  4. KUMA01

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    A little update. Paid for this bad boy right here!!!! I have a few bigger tree jobs to do this winter and I'll buy a snow plow for it as well. The main reason I bought it is bc this winter I have a guy that is giving me a bunch of snow plowing in small parking lots and stuff. And I sold off all my mowing contracts and now I'm just doing landscaping, hardscaping. It's my senior year right now and I have landed a couple big landscape and hardscape projects. and I have been contacted by a home builder who wants me to do the landscaping and the final grading in the new homes they are building!!! Pretty excited for the new year and a new business plan this spring I plan in buying a new cheverolet 2500 series and a b-wise dump trailer.


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  5. KUMA01

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    Here is a update I'm half way through my senior year of high school:cool2: And I went all out for 2019 I have 2 classes second semester and now I have a lot more free time. I have secured around 50k in commercial contracts for 2019! Iam really excited to take my business to the next level!
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    Good for you my friend, keep posting updates as they happen. How did you decide on the Vermeer?

    I started in high school as well, a business is definitely not the worst thing to distract you.
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  7. KUMA01

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    Vermeer is big in our area and there are multiple dealers as well all within a hour drive being the farthest. I did a demo on the vermeer for one of my paver jobs with that exact model and at my internship this year the company had ditch witch and toro and the hydros seemed weak to me they both had less than 500 hrs on both machines. So it's not like they are worn out. The choice was clear in my opinion.
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