KX 161-3 1000 hour Report card

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by AWJ Services, Dec 19, 2010.

  1. AWJ Services

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    So far so good other than the Bucket pin breaking. I was warned by another member here that it was a problem area and I should have addressed the worn bushings sooner and maybe the pin would not have broke.

    Fuel economy. I actually decided at the first of the year to monitor the exact fuel and hours going in my equipment for a year to determine a better idea of operating costs.

    It has averaged about 1gallon per hour.

    Maint. A breeze. The fuel filter is right in the back as well as the oil filter. The Hyd filter is in the tank and requires several bolts to access it but it is very easy to get to.

    Mechanical failures? Only the pin but I would not expect any equipment to have a major malfunction in the first 1000 hours.

    The Controls.. They cycle fast, has good digging power. It really works well at lower throttle settings with very little lose in cycle times. That is what helped it's fuel economy because at wide open throttle she is a guzzler.
    The negative is the controls do not have near the finesse of Komatsu or Takeuchi but that is minor and nothing that would bother a good operator.

    The Tracks... No issues with the actually tracks or under carriage but I feel it needs more pushing power.

    The Cab... I am 6 foot and 230 pounds and it is very comfortable to me. The AC works well. Most times in the summer I have the front window up and the side door open and it remains comfortable. The heat works well also. Some people complain about the foot pedals but I where a size 13 and they are not an issue for me. The Seat is vinyl and a little stiff but I got plenty of padding of my on so no biggie!

    Overall Build... The lights are easy to hit. LOL Other than it has a great overall build and everything is real tidy with no exposed hoses, wires etc.
    The machine is a reduced tail swing and I have had zero issues or a need for a zero tail swing as of yet. I feel it is a good balance.

    I personally do not feel there is a better excavator in it's class ( not to say that others are not just as good) and I would purchase one again in a minute.
    It has less flaws than My Tak TL140 trackloader overall and is a machine I will keep for a long time. Gotta love the Japenese. Everything functional and simple.
  2. curtisfarmer

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    Nice report, accurate towhat I have experienced with my KX121 at 847 hours to date.
  3. Danny Boy

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    Good report, mines a 2009 161 with just 500 hours and had the same bucket pin problem as yours fixed under warranty. I too run it at about 1/2 to 3/4 throttle unless I am loading trucks which I do full throttle... I have 22" steel tracks on mine and that makes it a full ZTS for me, the counterweight is about 1" inside the line of the tracks...
    I like it very much and would likely buy one again...
    I do find the door a bit tight when entering the cab but once in there the space is comfortable...
    Glad you mentioned it is a pig when running at full throttle as I found mine to be heavy on fuel when wide open too, but I agree its has great power at reduced throttle and good speed too...
  4. AWJ Services

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    Yes the door is a bit tight but compare it to other ZTS machines and it is not that small.

    The most my machine has ever used that I calculated was 1.5 gallons per hour.
    I actually went this whole year pumping from stations so I could get a good idea what I use.
  5. Gravel Rat

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    You will have many more trouble free hours with the 161, like I have said before I worked for a contractor that has had 161s and still has one with high hours on it. The contractor bought a 8 ton Kubota have to see how well it does haven't talked to any of the operators how they like the machine.

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