L/C owner attacked by angry homeowner.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by integrityman, Jun 1, 2010.

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  2. Richard Martin

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    All I saw was an old walk behind. Probably a 48"... With no discharge chute.

    People can be very funny about their lawns. I don't believe I would ever attack someone over my grass but I can be defensive. When our soil gets real wet here cars can easily leaves ruts. So to make sure no one even thinks of driving across my grass when it's real wet I don't ever allow anyone to drive across it. The water meter guy rides a scooter from house to house to get the readings. He stops his scooter and walks over to my meter. The Dominos pizza guy made the mistake of backing across my grass Friday night. Why he felt the need to is beyond me. Not 30 feet from where he stopped and gave us our pizza is clearly a large area to turn around. Pull forward, turn around and go about your business. But no, it apparently takes too much effort to do that. So I called and had a "discussion" with the assistant manager of the Dominos. Then the manager called me and kinda accused me of being petty about it. It's my grass, if I don't want delievery people to drive over it then they shouldn't. Let's just say I won't be getting any more pizza delivered. Even if I wanted it.

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    WOW! There's some crazy people out there. That neighbor landowner went freaking nuts. GEE! From a bat to a car over grass clippings on his car? :dizzy:

    I'm that way about people driving on my grass. I really hate it in the fall and winter when the grass is dormant, and I have to see tire ruts for 4 to 6 months. Seems like the flockers wait until it's good and wet. Really pizzes me off! :nono:
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    damn man, we have had a few go off the wall and even chase a guy but glad it did not go this far, i would go ape on a guy that came at me like that, and he would be in the hospital or cemetary, i know he would not be ok that is for sure. The world is NOT that bad, i dont understand why people go so crazy over little things
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    I read that article recently. Pretty extreme measures that guy took. I get pissed at my next door neighbor for grass clippings but I don't think I would ever go to that extreme. I usually just blow all the clippings back into his yard. We have bermuda lawns and he waits until its about 5" tall before he cuts it, then proceeds to cut it with a crappy weed-eater push mower and side discharges the clippings all over the place. I even showed him how to hook up his bagger to the mower but he took it off the next time he mowed. His yard looks like complete crap when he's done with stripes of grass clippings/clumps everywhere, he trims maybe every other month, never blows the clippings off the driveway and sidewalk. He has a blower and nice echo trimmer his dad gave him but he never uses it. Its an LCO's worst nightmare to live next to. I maintain the other house next to me and the one next to that so our three lawns are immaculate while his looks like crap.
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    A couple of years ago I saw tracks going from my driveway going up to my neighbors garage/workshop. I asked them and was told that they saw electric meter reader. I had previously seen them drive across another neighbors yard. I called and read them the riot act and have not seen any evidence of yard crossing since.

    It would have only required backing out and driving about an extra 75 feet up the road vs cutting across our yards which parallel the road. We were having a long, hot, dry spell and the tracks were visible for several weeks where they had bent and broken the highly stressed grass.
  7. shovelracer

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    Does that warrant a price increase? Why are no charges pressed. I'm pretty sure you can't just go around trying to run over people. I guess it is a civil matter at the least. That one is easily worth $40,000 in neck and back pain & post traumatic stress.
  8. mr.greenjeans

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    I was chased by a neighbor with a samari sword while I had a Back pack blower strapped on because I blew a leaf into his yard. Some people are just not right.
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    I heard about this. Sharon Township is just north of me.
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    What the hell. maybe he wasnt happy with the "blow" job :rolleyes::rolleyes: his neighbor was getting:rolleyes::rolleyes:

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