L48 vs JD110 (no wars Please!!)

Discussion in 'Tractors' started by Bill Boroskey, Sep 16, 2007.

  1. Bill Boroskey

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    from CT.
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    I am looking to get a larger machine and I am looking at the L48 and the JD 110. Anyone out there that has had both?

    Anyone know if the hydro pattern on the L48 is changable?

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of either??

    I have tried to talk to dealers about this but they just want to seel me thier machine. Understandable. The machines are so close on paper I cant make up my mind. I just know that the L48 has been around along time.

    Thanks for any info
    Bill Boroskey
  2. cddva

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    I think you'll find alot of discussion/comparison of these machines at tractorbynet.com.
  3. Albery's Lawn & Tractor

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    We had a L35 a few years back (dad had to sell due to a divorce w/ only 30 hrs on it). We tried the L48 and were really impressed however it was a little more then we needed as at the time we were just starting to expand on the landscaping side of business. Not sure about the hydro pattern. A lot of companies both construction and landscape are running Kubotas.
  4. lamarbur

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    The new L 39 is closer in specs than the 48 vs 110. I have a 48, 3years now, been flawless with no problems at all. I know it's new replacement coming out end of this year, will have the new HST plus.. There are several Kubota models now running the HST plus transmissions,
  5. Foz

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    I have owned both. First the L48 in its infancy & the machine performed well, except for a few design changes. Kubota changed bushings in the stabilizer arms, and some other minor issues. Overall a very good machine. We were able to dig for landscape work as well as some smaller foundation work for additions.

    After trading in the L48, I bought a JD 110. I liked the Deere for the simple reason that it comes with more features such as the creep for digging. When using teh backhoe, you need only push a switch on the panel to creep forward or back (very usefull when digging a trench).

    Both are good machines. I would recommend selecting one based upon dealer support & your comfort on the machine.

    Having said that, my preference is for the John Deere.

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