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Labor Burden.


LawnSite Fanatic
What do most of you calculate for labor burden?

I have 11% for comp ( ouch ) then I have my GL which is close to 4%. SUTA and FUTA is close to 3%. Then my payroll taxes at close to 9%.

So right there I have about 27%.

I put my agent on notice that I need to get these down some and she is going to shop some for me. My second year will be in June. I don't think I will see much of a break until the 3rd year.


LawnSite Senior Member
Cleveland, Ohio
Your workers comp is way out. Here in ohio, workers comp is expensive. You have to join an organization, (Cose, for example) to see a dramatic savings. They saved me 90% from what I was paying. Do some research in your state.