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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by iski3d, Jan 23, 2002.

  1. iski3d

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    Has anyone used labor ready's temporary labor service. I am mainly looking for a dependable employee for next year, and having trouble. They pay all insurance, fica, comp, taxes etc. What other places are good for seeking help? Thanks.

    LAWNS AND MOWER LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I know each state is different, but we have a Employment Security Commission that connects employee's with employers. Only problem is that you would be responsible for taxes, ins., etc... I tried a temp service a while back. This guy I got was a great worker. Temp service went out of business two weeks after I got this guy so I just hired him. Most temp services won't charge you for the first day or half day if the worker is a loser.

  3. Southern Lawns

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    I used "Labor ready" several times last year. IMHO the help was good for basic labor ie. bull work. As far as detailed work they where kinda rough around the edges. They do try and send people with experience in outdoor work BUT the bottom line is they send anyone who will answer their phone and go to work for them. Soooo you get a mix of help. If you find a good worker, request him/her everytime . You do have the option of hiring him/her whenever you want BUT you are responsible for the rest. Their hourly rate IS negotiable so try and talk them down to a rate you both can live with.

    The best situation is investing some time and training into a good dedicated employee. I know! A needle in a haystack. IF you find one......treat them good and they will be loyal (more often than not).
    Good luck.

  4. Jason Pallas

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    We used Labor Ready a few times - the workers were OK at best. For the most part they were ex-cons/drug addicts and real skanky types. I'd only use them again in a real pinch - as I really don't want these kind around me or my equipment - (God forbid they know where you live). The one post is right - good for Bull Labor - but as for any skills or brains - forget it.
    INTERESTING NOTE: The office we do occasionally use is in the suburbs of Detroit but close enough to the city to get some real skanks. Last Fall, a prospective worker/drug addict raped the secretary/receptionist on a Saturday. She was the only one there at the time. She told him that there wasn't any work - he went to the alley to do drugs (evidently a big problem here). When the sec went out to the alley to empty the trach , he grabbed her and raped her. TRUE STORY.
  5. mdb landscaping

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    there were two labor ready stores in a surrounding town, but they went out of business real quick. never used em, but they sure didnt stick around long.
  6. For brainless work ok, anything else they SUCK!!!!!!!!!

    Used them before when realy far behind and went slower than understaffed.
  7. cajuncutter

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    I do not know how they work but we have some temp agencies here that will work with you with ease. If you already have someone in mind to work for you but you are not entirely sure about them you can have them apply at the temp place and then you the employer can request for that particular person. Also it is great for getting out of doing the book work and taxes. They take care of it all and they supply the work comp. on that person. Lets say you want to pay them 7/hr it would cost you roughly 10 an hour to work them. It may be less it has been so long since I have delt with it. Good Luck
  8. TJLC

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    I had to use Labor Ready when I cut my hand last summer. I had stitches and couldn't operate my mower's pistol grips. I told them I needed someone that could operate a comm. w/b mower. They said we have just the guy. He ran my mower into a fence. I agree with the above posts that they would be OK in a pinch for very simple work.
  9. MadLawn

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    I don't use hire temp service...Just Hired part time like 10 to 20 hours aweek if We need.Only I hired is Deaf Guy, in past I hired hearing people all they do is blah blah and rude. So I decide to fired them. Until I hired few deaf they are good worker and finish on time. They are great worker. We get more contract agreement from client right after We hired the deaf guys to yard work. They are happy with our job. Me of course I am deaf too. I was born deaf.

  10. Jason Pallas

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    FYI - Labor ready charges about $13-15 and hour for these guys. They pay all the taxes and carry all the insurance, etc... However, the workers that they send you get $4-5/hour or whatever minimum wage is now. The big attraction (at least here) to Labor Ready is that you can go and work and get paid cash at the end of the day. Now I'm not slamming all Labor Ready workers - as a matter of fact one of my really good employees told me he went to work there for a week or so once because he was really broke and needed money. However, the "cash and the end of the day" thing tends to really attract a lot of drug addicts (crack heads) and other shady types.

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