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    What are you others paying for labor? I have hooked up with a bunch of Uraguyan men this season, they have worked very well and say they have many more friends who are applying for work visas. I am paying them 7.00 per hour and they want to work from dawn until dusk. They never moan or complain and are always very courteous and gratefull for a days pay..I am thinking of importing another 2-3 of them for the rest of the season, thus far they are the most reliable and honest group of employees I have ever had..Anyone have any commentary??
  2. paul

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    Here thats cheap labor, even non union guys are paying $8-$12 per hr
  3. greens1

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    Make shure your guys are properly registerd. Last year one of the large landscape companys arround me lost about 50 % of their work force when immigration showed up. I know the fines are pretty stiff for illigals as well, the IRS wants to talk with you when INS is finished.

    Good Luck,
    Jim L
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    i pay my guys on average anywhere from about 10 dollars an hour to about 13 dollars an hour. they are from equador.
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    We pay crew leaders more...MUCH more. Laborers are contracted through a labor service and are paid 7/hr/man. We write one check per week to the service.

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    They do have visa's though I'm honestly not certain of whether or not they are work visa's. I considered asking them but honestly am concerned that they may fear any questions along these lines. The last thing I need is to scare off 50% of my work force....what would you do???
  7. paul

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    Have you completed form I-9? You are to have one on all workers!

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