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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by captken, Jul 27, 2003.

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    I am amazed at the lack of media coverage concerning the "windstorm" we had. People lost their lives, and over 300,000 MLGW customers were without power. Thats customers, not the total numbers of those without, clearly this has affected many more people than that.
    We are America's distribution center, with the largest cargo airport in the world, hub of Fed-Ex. You ship whatever, it goes through Memphis.

    Today is Sunday and still power eludes 133,000 homes.

    We had the equivalent of a "land Hurricane" There is no mention of what's going on at CNN, MSNBC, etc.

    Makes me wonder if people see Memphis as insignificant....

    I am making a lot of money doing cleanups for my customers, and I am not gouging folks. To date, I have succeeded in complete cleanups on 4 of my customers.
    I try to get the big stuff first, make my rounds, customers wanting to know when I'm going to start on them.
    Accessed storm damage, those in need first served, those wanting cosmetics, later.

    Debris piles the size of semi-trucks we hauled out to the curb on my trailer, the Jungle Jims in the way, people getting cranky all around town due to no electricity.
    Hustler ZTR used to shuttle branches with a slip chain to curb.
    I have to say my Hustler is truly "TUFF STUFF"
    My customers see the work we do. See the Hustler ZTR in action clearing debris, then putting the final beautiful cut on their lawn.
    The Qwikchute open to blow debris to curb, closed to mulch up leaves and small twigs.

    The Red Max 7001 performs way better than I had hoped, There is no comparison between that and the Stihl BR-400. Really saves on raking time.

    Emergency generators are everywhere, there is no ice to be found inside the city.
    Restaurants just now getting generators on line to be open.
    People just wanting things to return to pre-storm conditions everywhere.
    No day off for me....and my workers are exhausted.
  2. I'd know nothing about it except for posts here and a customer that works for FEMA.
  3. Gene $immons

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    Did Graceland get spared?
  4. rodfather

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    I've heard absolutely nothing about it other than what has been said on LS.:confused:
  5. captken

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    I bet he [eric] will have pictures and comments aplenty. I left voicemail yesterday and again this morning. Last time I talked to him he said the storm took out the cell tower and his phone wasn't working properly.
    He lives in Bartlett, and they probably are still in the dark over there.
    There is profit to be made here, if you can do the work. I bet he is as wore out as I am.
    I think kels posted earlier, but he is silent these days....
  6. Barkleymut

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    captken - do you expect Peter Jennings to show up and set up camp in Memphis? JK.
    Basically a "windstorm" just doesn't have the same media appeal as a hurricane or massive tornado's or floods. Also - New York and Hollywood consider your area flyover country. If this happened in NY they would have Al Roker outside attempting to hold on to a lightpole just to show everyone that in fact it is windy out there.
  7. Lombardi

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    We had a huge ice storm in the KC area a year and a 1/2 ago. It was also very devastating. Very little national coverage, but I didn't care. I was kept busy doing clean ups. If few lives are lost, then national coverage is minimal.
  8. Richard Martin

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    captken wrote:

    Makes me wonder if people see Memphis as insignificant....


    To be honest with you 99% of people around here don't even know there is a Memphis, Mississippi. To say that they see Memphis as insignificant would be to admit that they have even heard of it.

    Do you know what state the first city named Washington is in?
  9. captken

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    We are talking about Memphis Tn. here, not Memphis Ms. However, you could consider it Memphis Ms. I live in Southaven Mississippi, which is a suburb of the city, on the stateline with Tennessee. You drive from Memphis Tn. into Desoto County Ms. with out knowing.
    Maybe I should clear that up in my location line, next to my name.
  10. 1stclasslawns

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    I havn't seen much either. My wife works for FedEx ground their main office is here in Harrison Ark. She said several of the people she deals with in MEM are without lots of stuff.

    We drove through and ate a late 3:00 pm lunch there the Monday it hit on our way back from Biloxi Ms.

    Don't take offense but I'm glad we got through when we did.

    I hope everything goes well for all of you MEM guys!

    If I had more vacation and was cought up from vacation I'd come down and help.


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