Lack Of Rain...Should I advertise for other things?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by DSLND, Aug 13, 2007.

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    Well, we have been without rain for a while now and last week, i scheduled everyone on a bi-weekly schedule. I went out this morning, and only mowed two properties....all i did was throw around dust, thats it. I only have around four accounts that are on irrigation, and even those aren't doing that great. I start high school next week (totally bummed) and i was thinking of going out this week and advertising for hedge trimming and small landscaping installs. Either that, or putting ad in our local paper where i advertise in the spring and fall. Should i wait around for rain, or just get out there and get some door hanger out, advertising for all of my services, and hedge trimming/light landscape work? Thanks! -Mitch-
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    Possibly contact your current clients and offer to pressure wash their drive, patios, and walks at a discounted rate. Rent a pressure washer at your local rental house. This will be great especially if your getting paid on a per cut basis--it will temporarily supplement your income. If you are on an annual contract basis it will make them feel as if you are still doing something for them--people get fussy when they are paying for services and you are not showing up. You never know you may pick up some of their neighbors in the process.

    Hope this helps!

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    Always have side work lined up for just that reason. Trimming hedges, shrubs, and trees are a good way to keep busy. Also when doing work at a customers house look for things that need doing, like driveway sealing or mulch, whatever just make notes on each property and start selling jobs.


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    Same here in michigan Mitch. I just started my lawn company this spring. I purchased all the equipment and now I'm mowing about every three weeks. Its the worst mowing since 1988. I've also purchased a power washer. That has helped me. I'll power wash customers decks and re-stain them. Its quick way to make a few hundred bucks.

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