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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by superrman77, Aug 17, 2006.

  1. superrman77

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    Where is the best place to get a ladder rack for my ford f-150 supercrew.
  2. rfed32

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    you could build your own....
  3. mike lane lawn care

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    tyr doing a google search, you will have hundreds of web pages that will sell them and ship to you. installation for a pickup should not take too long. i have michigan steel ladder and pipe rack on my van, have never used it but it looks very sturdy.
  4. metro36

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    Check you local lumber yard and look into trac-rac. My grandfather has a 06 F-150 XL and I put the t-rac on it for him. out of the box and onto the truck in an hour. They are easily removable and are great for carrying lumber and ladders. If you want something a little more versatile look into the original trac-rac. It is sliding and you can put boxes, tie downs, and load braces on it.Not sure on the price of the t-rac but I know that the trac-rac is $1000.
  5. Audrey

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  8. Tharrell

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    There's got to be a metal fab shop that builds them in your area. Just ask people you see that have them. There's also a lot of truck accessory places around that have them.

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