Lady crashed into my trailer

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by 944own, May 4, 2011.

  1. 944own

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    Today while out mowing I was driving down the road in the left lane when a car that was stopped in the right lane decided to make a u turn just as I was passing her. She plowed into the side of my trailer and her car was trashed. My mower was OK I had the fastraps on and it did not move. My blower got a strap broke and the backplate and my trimmer broke the trigger and my edger seems all screwed up when it idles it is about at half throttle. My trailer is bent all to crap I had to have it towed on a rollback and my friend is letting me borrow a trailer till I can get something figured out. I am waiting on her insurance adjuster to come out and assess the damage hope they replace all my crap.

    2011-05-04 12.18.24.jpg

    2011-05-04 12.18.48.jpg

    2011-05-04 12.21.16.jpg

    2011-05-04 12.31.22.jpg

    2011-05-04 12.31.30.jpg
  2. 944own

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    more pics of the damage

    2011-05-04 12.31.39.jpg

    2011-05-04 12.32.18.jpg

    2011-05-04 14.15.41.jpg

    2011-05-04 14.54.51.jpg
  3. PerfectEarth

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    LOL!!!! ....not about your stuff- sorry to hear that. BUT HOLY @#$%

    Your little trailer did THAT to her car??? wtf?? hahahaha.

    Trailer 1
    Car 0
  4. grincon

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    ouugh, that sucks. The car is totaled compared to the trailer. people think they can just drive how ever they want. I bet she didnt even use her blinker for that illegal uturn.
    Hope your stuff gets replaced.
  5. ZMAX

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    from Ohio
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    good thing she has insurance!
  6. pitrack

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    Good luck with evertything. It is pretty crazy how bad of shape her car is in.
  7. Oakleaf landscape

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    Damn your trailer OWNED HER CAR!!! But yea sorry to hear that... Good to hear that your mower was tied down. Hey maybe you will get some new equipment out of it though. Did it mess up the bumper on your truck or the receiver? That hitch is bent as crap!
  8. 944own

    944own LawnSite Bronze Member
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    The bumper was already bent, it looks like it may have bent it a little more than it was but the receiver for the hitch was bent all to crap but the hitch is still good my friend brought me a trailer and a receiver and I hooked back up and finished my day. The axle on the trailer is bent to sxxt
  9. flatlander42

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    I'd make sure the truck goes to a frame shop before any settlement!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Dr.NewEarth

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    Stupid B!7@h

    What if that was a small car with a Mom and her Kids instead of your trailer?

    Your down time is going to suck. Sorry to see that mess.

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