Lady mad at my prices. My Sunday Story below


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Went to do a bid for an HOA on a Sunday which I never do but wanted to get it done asap. Meet with the client I had at 3:30pm which was the scheduled time. Did 5 estimates in the neighborhood. By the time I got to the fourth one, it was about 5:30 and the presidents house.

I knocked and his wife answered. I introduced myself and she goes “ your late you were supposed to be here at 2:30”. I explained to her I was scheduled to talk with her nieghbor at 3:30 and then he gave me a list of the neighbors interested in bids.

Moving on she says “ I already have one quote, so you better sharpen your pencil and get a good deal”
Oh no
I’m nice and just said I’ll do the best I can. At this point I would have just walked off and said have a nice evening, had one of my customers not referred me.

She owns her lights already which I have a rule not to do those but have a system for pricing just for cases like this. She give me absolutely no details on lights and just tells me kind of where they go. I vaguely remember what the display looked like last year, so I go off of that.
It’s about 350ft, only 100 are under 10’ some are about 35’ up. My bid $1135 and gave a huge discount down to $850. I knew from the beginning this price wasn’t going to fly but I was hoping it got me in the running for the HOA(very easy install).

I give her the price and she tells me I’m new to this and insinuates i don’t know what I’m doing. Her guy is at $400. Since her guy has done it in the past it’s probably a 10 man hour job for him, he’s still doing it way to cheap. For me to learn where all the lights go and do this for a first time and replace anything as I go. This is a 14man hour job.

She then tells me she’ll be telling her nieghbor about this, like I committed a crime lol. Got my company name and my name so she can tell everyone about me too. It was all pretty funny to me. I was warned by the nieghbor she was cheap and pissing her off might cost me some work but if your offended by a price tag then there’s not much I can do to help that. Last time A customer was offended by a price I got more work in that neighborhood. Turned out the she was a pita and everyone knew it. She bad mouthed me and I got more work. Any publicity is good, I guess. She had one thing right this is my 3rd year as a professional, so I am a little new, but I know what my time is worth and how to deal with people like her. It’s always best to smile and walk away from bullies not giving in to their aggressive child like behavior.

She also asked would I pay someone $800 to do lights and I said i do it myself. Then she said what if you couldn’t, I said well I would pay for it then. She didn’t like that reply.

I told her if she likes her current guy and he does a good job, then he should keep doing it. That’s what i would choose to do. Made for some good laughs and I’ll be happy when she sees all my yardsigns in her neighborhood all season long. Probably gonna have a complaint the first day one is up and I imagine a bad review lol.

Be safe and don’t do work for cheap people, you have loved ones to come home to and don’t need that stress during an instal!

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes to Everyone this season!