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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by PRECISION LC, Mar 13, 2003.


    PRECISION LC LawnSite Member
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    here in wichita there have been alot of lay-offs by various airplane manufactures and i have heard of many of the laid-off employees are starting a lawn mowing service. I have talked to several people about this and they are concerned about saturated the market will get in the comming season. how will this effect the market here?
    The way i look at it is, these companies will only be here for a short while so i will be able to buy them out cheap.
    What do you all think?
  2. Gravely_Man

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    There are a lot more people getting laid this year. Most think that since I have a lawnmower I can open a lawn care company and make lots of money. You have to be customer oriented, dependable and knowledgeable to keep the good customers in this line of work.

  3. wojo23323

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    I wish i was. :D
  4. Matt'slawncare

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    I thought about this happening to since everyone thinks that they cn start there own lawn care business and never think about how hard it really is.
  5. Swampbeast

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    Ahem hem, I think a slight re-wording is appropriate here....:D :blush: HA HA!

    Yeah, I have noticed this. dont worry, they are just in it to make a quick buck or two, soon they will dry up and you can buy em out. Sit tight, hang on to your customers.

  6. MacLawnCo

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    dont even worry about buying them out. quality talks and speaks loudly.
  7. lawnworker

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    Maclawn, you are right. These businesses will have know value, being only sketchy startups.

    PRECISION LC LawnSite Member
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    i have been trying to sell one of my w/b's and every person who has called on it has told me they have been laid-off and are looking to start. I'm just happy that i have a great cusotmer base w/ some deceant knowledge. I heard of a person buying a truck, trailer, handhelds, and 2 walkers. planned on 6 contracts and just found out that he lost 3 good paying jobs, he is really bumbed. just hope he does allright this season and get out next year so i can buy his equiptment. mabye hopeing too much.

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