Lake pump hooked to lawn sprinklers, need low flow shut off

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by kentuckynet, Aug 4, 2012.

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    Hello, i have basically this setup that i copied and pasted from this site:

    You can turn the pump on and off with a "pump start relay" which should be available from your local irrigation supplier. A relay is an electricly controlled switch. It is wired to the "pump" or "master valve (MV)" terminal on the controller and switches the high (120 or 240) voltage pump power on whenever a zone is on. It would be good idea to have a flow switch wired into the system so that if there a drop in flow caused by a lack of water at the suction inlet that the pump would not burn itself out. keep in mind that the flow switch needs to be sized to the pump to assure accurate cut in and out.

    My question is where can i find this low flow switch and how does it wire into my setup? My pump is a franklin 1 1/2 hp....

    thank you
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    for the price of that rig, you could have a pressure tank and pressure switch

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