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    I mow about 2 acres with two hills and about 30 trees. Been mowing with an Allis Chalmers B with a Woods mowing deck for the time we have owned our home. Want to buy a zero turn mower and have found in my area that Bobcat, Bunton, and Encore seem to sell for the same price; but of course they do have differences such as 52" vs 60" deck or differences in horsepower. Have also looked at Ferris, Simplicity, etc. etc. What would some of you that know mowers think would be my best bet for the money? Am looking at spending about $6200.00. ANY advice would be appreciated. All the salespeople are at independent businesses and seem very willing to help. :) Have also looked at estate series vs true commercial. THANKS for advice!
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    I'm a Service Technician of 14yrs.,I work for a commercial lawn and garden dealership. We have sold many brands of mowers over the years,Right now Dixie Chopper is our main seller. We have sold close to 100 so far in three years,I havn't worked on but about 5 of them and the repairs were minor.
    This is the best machine we've sold and the easiest to work on if you ever had to (HA) You can get a full blown commercial Chopper in the sixes.
    It mite be worth your wild to check them out, Test ride one and I'll bet you'd be sold. Dixie Chopper also maintains a higher resale or trade-in value than the others.

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