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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by NiteTymeIlluminations, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. NiteTymeIlluminations

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    Has anyone worked on a project where they needed to construct a lamp shield for a post top or coach type fixture in order to conceal the bulb. I am working on a project in Jamaica and we can't replace every coach light so I want to make a shield so block the light from coming forward. I'm so frustrated right now I just can't figure out what to do with it...FYI there are 5 watt fluor med base screw in bulbs there right now.
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    that flor bulb has to be pretty hot looking on the glare. I would think you can take some matching sheet metal and bend it to conform to your situation. I am pretty fair at fabricating if you can get me some pics and mesurments in email I might be able to come up with a plan for ya.

    My wife put thoes spiral floro bulbs in our celing fans... They look nasty so they are going bye bye.
  3. NiteTymeIlluminations

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    these arent spiral..there are really good fluor bulbs out there...billy do you buy your landscape lighting at home depot??? where did you get those spiral bulbs??? just teasing...there are really good fluor bulbs out there you just have to get them from a professional supplier not a home depot.. i love my fluor bulbs at my house...Go to a restaurant some day and add up the wattage in that place...they are wasting money!!!

    How'd did you learn to fabricate? I have 10s of thousands of these...I'm gonna have to learn...its for the resorts I work for...and i want to be able to do it onsite and teach one of the maintenace guys how to do it...then just spend a few days eminiating glare all over 18 resorts
  4. Pro-Scapes

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    just picked up fabrication over the years. My uncle owns a fabrication shop and my friend is the head of machine shop classes at the local college. if you got that many to do might be cheaper to prototype something and have someone with the tooling mass produce it for you.

    Notice i said in the ceiling fans not in the landscape lighting. I got Kichler and cast in my yard with a few assorted fixtures I had laying around. I dont like in the taj mahal or anything. Nothing fancy just a nice brick ranch with lots o land.

    Pictures!!! lets see these lights. Are you just looking to make a sleeve that fits over the bulbs ? If you get me some demensions or better yet one of the fixtures I might be able to help ya out. Might be cheaper to talk to a fab shop down there. Cam plasma machines and other production things will be $$ to set you up with. What are the lights made of and is there a finish on them that will need to be reproduced ? perhaps just taking the glass off and sandblasting the inside lightly will add enough frosting to the glass to ease any glare.

    Better yet an all expense paid trim to one of these resorts to personally devise a solution could be arranged (for 2 people of course I cant go anywhere without my interpreter ((wife))).
  5. NiteTymeIlluminations

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    I've had a few offers for assistance on these jobs thats for week i'll fly to jamaica then to antigua then back to jamaica then back to ohio...yeah!!! please no hurricanes!!!!

    thanks, i'll design one out of something and have them made!!!
    i'll get you a pic
  6. Pro-Scapes

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    Is the cost of labor less down there ? With shipping of raw materials and then shipping of the made part I would think fab locally would work.

    Perhaps a small copper or brass tube with some angle drilled holes in it or you might be able to buy sheet stock with holes already in it then cut to size and rivet or spot weld/solder it up. The holes will allow light to come thru but also filter it out considerably much like a scone.

    You would have to experiment with the number of holes per inch and size to acheive the desired output.

    I still like the idea of etching the glass enclosure if there is one tho too.
  7. sprinkler guy

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    Are theses bulbs behind clear glass? Would having the glass frosted be an option? I do it sometimes for house sconces here to cut down on the competing light.
  8. JoeyD

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    This is a good suggestion! I ahev done that a bunch and it really works well. It allows you to leave those coach lights on without being giant glare bombs.

    As far as a shield it seems like I have seen a shield that has a circular opening allowing for a medium base to slide in and then thread into the socket holding it in place and defelcting the light. I have seent hem for interior applications. I will look around and see if i can hunt some down for you.
  9. NiteTymeIlluminations

    NiteTymeIlluminations LawnSite Senior Member
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    Frosted glass isnt going to help...then i have square glare bombs...I need to a shield for sure...Joey...any help would be awesome, send the bill to Mike i would start specifying your stuff on these jobs but low voltage just doesn't make sense...all going in conduit, all being installed by electricians, designers and engineers on the projects like the hID look...I am using low volt LEDs where we want a "dimmer" look, like around pools that people use at night, but the main resort areas are getting lots of 39watt mh and some 120 volt t6s...we are even using a Hydrel underwater light with 180 feet of wire way out in the ocean tied to an anchor and hook to a huh!

    Help me out joey!
  10. Pro-Scapes

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    what joey is desribing is exactly what i was talking about making. If you can find some prefabbed ready to install this would most likley be the way to go.

    talk about being exposed to the elements... good luck on that ocean light. Keep us informed on this one.

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