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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by grassnut, Oct 2, 2004.

  1. grassnut

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    I'm looking at buying a couple of acres in Friendswood and would like to get an idea of the cost to clear and grade the property. It's very dense with hundreds (more like thousands) of small crap trees and underbrush. I would need to have all but the largest of trees removed and the lot leveled and graded to city specs. Any info would be greatly appreciated.


  2. Coffeecraver

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    I think you should start here:

    Rudy, Thomas Davey Tree Experts
    HOUSTON, TX 77080 (713) 973-8733

    Grayson, Kenneth Foster's Tree Svc.
    HOUSTON, TX 77050 281-458-5992

    Rivers, Roy Rivers Tree Care & Arboriculture
    HOUSTON, TX 77041 (713) 776-2040

    Bitner, Kristina Kris Bitner Horticultural Consultant
    HOUSTON, TX 77096 713-721-0920

  3. grassnut

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    Thanks Coffeecraver, that's a great idea. I appreciate the suggestion.


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